Do you think Tony Blair's charitable works are done in poor taste?

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  • No I do not.

    The sense I get from Tony Blair is that he actually is disgusted with himself and regrets a lot of the decisions he made as Prime Minister of the UK. Particularly siding with President Bush on all the wartime decisions. I think he is trying to make up for his wrongs, and that is never in bad taste.

  • I do not.

    I do not think Tony Blair's charitable works are done in poor taste. There is almost no way that you can do charity work in bad taste as you are still helping people out. People who think that Tony Blair did his work in bad taste are just on a smear campaign.

  • No, they are his choices.

    I think people often pick charities on the basis of what they are familiar with due to their own life experiences. So, for instance, a person who has had breast cancer will have a heightened awareness of the need for work in that area of life, and tend to donate to charities that support that cause. Mr. Blair's choices seem to reflect an interest in global issues, and I don't think any of them would reflect poor taste. It seems to me to be in poor taste to criticize a person for their choices when we really don't know what motivated those choices.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe Tony Blair's charitable works are done in poor taste. As of recently, Tony Blair has a hard time being out in public period due to the backlash of the Iraq War in his country. Given that, I don't think people should take the fact that he still attempts to do charitable works and somehow make it sound bad.

  • Charity is never done in poor taste

    Tony Blair's charitable works are not done in poor taste. This is because anything done in the name of charity, whether it is a donation, volunteering, or sponsoring, all has a good aim in the end. Some might not like the bent of his charitable work but their is no rule stating everyone has to like it.

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