• It's already better.

    Record stock market, more companies coming to America instead of leaving. Getting others involved in the war on terror to pay their share. Sure, if you listen to the liberal media, Trump did everything wrong and nothing right. Of course they are saying junk like that, otherwise they would have to admit they were wrong about him.

    Are Trump's methods a bit unorthodox? Sure. Thing is, doing things the old way has only gotten thing worse. I wouldn't doubt Obama got many things he wanted because he was black. Look, if he didn't get his way, people would say he was only voted against because of his race. In other words, if you voted against Obama, you must be racist. This might be why some people are not supporting Trump on getting rid of Obamacare. They obviously know that it sucks no matter which party they are on. Hey, at least he is still trying instead of just letting his people suffer. At the same time, he is also trying to create a new tax code. Something that hasn't been done since the Reagan years. I hope is allowed to help this country as we surely need it.

  • The argument posted by imnotstupid is wrong

    First of all, evidence backs up the fact that russia INTERFERED TO MAKE HILLARY PRESIDENT, and not trump. Trump will only attact Korea if they attack us first, and lowering the taxer would help the economy... Lowering the country's budget is a great idea here. It worked in the Raegan administration, why not now. By the way, im 13 as well.

  • Better every day.

    The United States is finally throwing off its oppressive far left liberal neo-facist lords. Under Trump we can finally return to being normal Americans who are not force fed disturbing counter-reformation ideologies that are turned into insane laws and policies. We may finally be safe from Marxism, Socialism, Militant Nationalism, Fascism and Nazism thanks to Trump.

  • Yes, because over time, good intentions become the popular goal.

    While 20-25% of any population will be radically stupid, most people are not naive. They don't scream at the sky, they don't invent hate crimes, they know dang well that racism is NOT the #1 problem n America, and they also know how to research hard facts, not just grabbing sound bites off tabloid sources like CNN. Americans are sick of identity politics, victim mentality, and the oppression olympics.

  • Hell fucking no

    He's already made our nation so much worse by making a mockery of the presidency, pissing off our allies, pissing off our enemies even more, which in turn further strains relations with our allies, he's attempted to stir shit up with North Korea to the point of nuclear war, he still has not released his tax returns, his entire life he's laid off, underpayed, and especially discriminated against minorities, which is made incredibly obvious when you look at his business history, let alone the fact he has very, very few minorities or women working for his administration. He's gotten away with mocking a physically challenged person, admitting to sexual assault, saying he could shoot someone and not lose a single vote, and using taxpayer money for his many and lengthy and luxurious vacations and golfing trips all while repukes bitch and moan about paying into universal healthcare. He's taken credit for everything he's done since his inauguration, including everything that was set in place by Barrack Obama, especially his last fiscal year, in which many improvements were made to the economy, yet wrongly stolen by republicans as if they made that happen. He's passed little to no legislation that wasn't made through executive orders, something republicunts called Obama a dictator for practicing occasionally, and let slide all fucking day with trump. He's continuously tried to enforce a seriously unpopular and xenophobic travel ban, not so much against nations that grow terrorists, but more against nations that don't trade with the US, making this less about terrorism and more about money. He continuously involves his family in the workings of his administration, which in not only extremely unethical, but repukes would throw a temper tantrum if a democrat tried this. He's trying to dismantle the EPA, which is the organization responsible for you and I having clean drinking water and nontoxic air. He's trying to eliminate net neutrality, most likely so his rich friends can outcompetes smaller online companies with faster internet speeds. Around every corner, he tries to lower taxes for him and his rich friends under the guise that it'll help the middle-class, which is complete bullshit to anyone with half a brain. He calls white supremacist terrorists "fine young men". Oh, but he won't hesitate to strengthen our vetting process and extend travel bans when it's anyone but a white person doing the killing.

    The list goes on and on and on and on and on and fucking on all fucking day. He's a disaster, and combined with republicans in general, the single worst thing to ever happen to this nation. We've gone from one of the most respected nations on the planet, whether loved or hated, to a joke, thanks to Trump and the disgusting, backwards, deluded, anti human rights, anti animal rights, anti science, anti intellectual freaks in the GOPIG party. This nation will never, ever be "great again" until republicans and their pathetic ideologies die out, or they lose the power to win elections.

  • It depends on what you think, but I don't have any kind words for President Trump.

    I realize that this is a little outdated--I'm only 13--but he said during his campaign that he would lower taxes. While that seems nice short-term, it would cause our national dept to increase. Also, he threatened to attack North Korea. That is a terrible idea. They have nuclear weapons as well. And--someone correct me if I'm wrong--didn't Russia interfere to make him president? Maybe he wasn't even going to be president. I respect any other opinions, but that does not mean I will support the idea of Trump being president.

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