Do you think violent video games (yes) or violent parents (no) cause behavior problems in children?

  • I say violent video games cause behavior problems because they show kids or teens that its okay to do bad things like stealing and killing.

    Violent video games cause behavior problems because. Violent video games have a huge impact on kids and teens, they show blood and you are trying to kill as many people as you can. When you play video games its usually going to be something with guns and war, in the real world that's all true. The world is all death and destruction, you don't want to create more. Violent video games are scary to some people, but they can get over the fear and see the world. That is my oppinion

  • This is not true!

    This is not true because if kids don't understand the content of the game they shouldn't be playing them. They're supposed to be mature enough to play and have a certain age. If you think this is true then your wrong because kids should know that what is a game is a game and its not the real world.

  • Violent parents cause these problems.

    Violent parents have gotten the violent genes from their parents and pass these down to their children. Thus violent video games aren't the problem. Well I am a bit violent because of my mom. Oh god... Why did I say that? Anyways, back to the subject. I've played a lot of Legend of Zelda games and I'm not violent! -From a user.

  • Violent parents cause behavior problems in children, but not because of parenting.

    This question presumes a cause between behaviors as set by nurturing conditions, when the truth is that individuals raised who play violent video games and with violent parents can still turn out non-violent. The cause of a violent disposition and tendency to have such behavioral problems is a cause lying in genetic predispositions (this is not to say that genes are destiny, but that they are the causing factor) parents genetically disposed to behavior problems will often pass those genes to their children. Hence, a child from a violent family who is adopted will be a problem child even absent exposure to video games and violent parenting.

  • You are your parents.

    Video games are not real, and as kids get older they start to realize how much of a fantasy video games are. They are entertaining and fun, violent as well but not real! Parents who are violent are very real and need to teach by example. This is the real world and if parents who resort to violence and kids see that, they will become just like them in most ways. Parents are real, Video games are not!

  • Violent parents create violent kids

    Violent parents cause behavior problems in children. Mothers and fathers of kids who are systematically abusive to the other parent or kids create mental problems in children because of the constant negativity circulating in the home. These children suffer emotionally and become violent themselves in both childhood and their adulthood.

  • No, violent parents are the problem.

    Generally when people play violent video game, they have absolutely no desire to do a lot of these violent acts to real people. A game is meant to be fun and fantasy for the brain. But violent parents are real life, this can cause major mental stress to kids leading to some major behavior problems later on.

  • The second one

    I think that violent parents cause a lot more behavior problems in children than violent video games do. I think that a violent parent teaches their kids that it is alright to be violent to, and when they get older they will do the same thing to their kids also.

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