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  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe water rights should be privatized. In doing this we allow companies who have a proven track record of not being socially responsible the right to control the water. I feel like this will lead to many problems, especially for those that may not be able to afford rising water prices. Water should be controlled by governments or by the people in a district, not a private business.

  • Water is a right

    Water is a necessity for human beings and thus should be treated as a basic human right, and not something owned by a private entity and sold to us. We need to water to survive, and if the decision is made to privatize water, then we have failed as a society.

  • Water Should Remain a Public Resource

    After air, water is the most fundamental human need. Controlling water rights is one of the ways in which the government exercises its sovereign power for the benefit of the nation. It is one of the core government functions and should remain in the public sector along with other core government functions such as maintaining a military, collecting taxes and guarding the border. In the American system sovereignty resides in the people and is delegated by them to the government. It would be wrong for the government to put a resource that is essential for the people's survival into private hands.

  • No, absolutely not.

    The problem with privatization is that some people are lazy and don't do things up to the standard of government. Without law and government oversight, things such as this quickly escalate and get out of control. So no, I am against the privatization of water rights. It would be dangerous.

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