Do you think we should build more nuclear power plants?

  • Nuclear is the way

    My idea for the best energy option for our country is nuclear energy. It’s great as it can produce lots of energy from a very small amount of atoms. It is a neutral energy source which means it gives off the same amount of carbon that it saves. This will be good as it will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we release from fossil fuels, this will help stop global warming as the greenhouse gases released won’t trap the solar flares from the sun causing the awful effects that global warming has. For example, we are having a lot of climate change like droughts which are damaging our crops as they have no water which leaves some people and animals with less or sometimes even no food which then leads to starvation which can cause death. Also these droughts can potentially leave people and animals with a lack of clean water which can spread disease which can again cause death and more. These things are incredibly important to avoid, and that was just explaining droughts.
    Furthermore, nuclear energy is not very expensive which can help our economy expand. Our country can make more profit and get even further out of the recession we found ourselves in near 2009. This will benefit us lots as we can sort more problems that our country is facing. On the subject of economy, many more jobs will be made if we create more nuclear power plants, we can have less unemployment meaning more families will get out of debt and again our country will become more wealthy. Also, the fact that nuclear plants are quite high-tech could mean that we make more important and scientific discoveries.

  • Nuclear power is good for America.

    Nuclear Energy is an exceptional energy source that can greatly benefit the entire population of the United States. Nuclear energy is completely clean, a very inexpensive fuel source. Also, nuclear power is almost inexhaustible, since the world reserves of uranium could produce energy to meet the demands of human power consumption for 1,980,000 years.
    Nuclear power, is produced by the safe and controlled fission reaction of uranium is capable of cutting the amount of Co2 produced by fossil fuels into the atmosphere per year in half, slowing global warming drastically CO2. Nuclear energy is completely clean power, and is very inexpensive. Nuclear energy, especially by fission or fusion, is the best source of energy for America. This new energy source, is easy to create and produces clean energy, which means no gases are released into the atmosphere from the process and no fossil fuels such as coal and oil are required.
    Carbon from fossil fuels are not released into the atmosphere, making nuclear power a desirable fuel source and completely clean energy. By not releasing these gases, the process of global warming is slowed. One nuclear power plant can supply huge amounts of energy for America, around 740,000 houses in one year! This is equivalent to 13.7 million barrels of oil, or 3.4 tons of coal annually.
    From 1995-2011, the meager 65 nuclear power plants in the U.S. have stopped the release of million tons of fossil fuels into the atmosphere, approximately 54 million tons of sulfur dioxide and 11 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering Earth’s atmosphere. Although, compared to the amount of gases being pumped into the atmosphere a year, this is a small amount. With just 65 nuclear power plants 22% more Co2 is being stopped from entering Earth’s atmosphere. This comes out to one nuclear power plant saves .4% of Co2 per year. This may not sound like much at first, but the total amount of Carbon Dioxide saved per nuclear power plant is 4,400,000 tons! Nuclear Energy, is not only clean, but it is a cheap energy source. Studies have shown that wind and solar energy is actually more expensive per kilowatt of energy than nuclear energy. Unfortunately, the base cost of building a nuclear power plant scares off private energy and utility companies. But the long term savings, is not only cheaper in energy costs, but also in helping to slow global warming. When the correct information is evaluated, nuclear energy is shown to be the most inexpensive source.
    Compared to the amount of energy being produced by the few plants in America, the price of building, waste disposal, decommissioning, and fuel, is minuscule. Nuclear power has taken the spot for the cheapest power source known to man, only 2.1 cents per hour of kilowatt energy. Another benefit of nuclear energy power plants are the jobs that will become available to build and maintain new power plants. Nuclear energy is a inexpensive fuel source that will benefit our economy.

  • Debate for 6th grade classroom

    I would like to open with a quote from Abraham Lincoln: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    I think that this is crucial for this debate. By not building these plants, we would be losing electricity. We will be losing fossil fuel because we are spending it on electricity but we could easily use nuclear power plants so that we can save this earth and also so that we can create more electricity. It would take 1 coal plant to power 375,000 homes but 1 nuclear power plant to power 900,00 homes. That is a huge increase from a coal plant to a nuclear power plant.
    A singe nuclear plant creates about a cubic meter of hazardous waste per year and 3 times more electricity than the typical coal plant.

  • Nuclear pppoooowaaaarrrr!!!! Yeaaahhhh!!!

    All you people against nuclear power don't know anything about it. All experts that support nuclear power look at the negatives and address these issues, resulting in no bias. I have yet to see a "expert" against nuclear power that is unbiased. I say "expert" because I have seen none that have completed any form of higher education relating to nuclear power.

  • Nuclear power plants are eco-friendly.

    Nuclear energy is carbon-free. It does not produce greenhouse gases, having perhaps the lowest impact on the environment as compared to other forms of energy like hydropower which has the potential to harm fish populations, and could force relocation for people and animals who live near the dam site. It produces more energy, as compared to other renewables like solar and wind. It required relatively small area, thus being the most 'ecologically efficient' because it produces the most electricity in relation to its minimal environmental impact. There are no significant adverse effects to water, land, habitat, species, and air resources.
    Of course, nuclear energy is not without it's disadvantages. Special care is needed to properly dispose of its radioactive waste, which are buried and the land cannot be re-used.
    Every kind of renewable source of energy has it's pros and cons, and since nuclear energy's pros outweighs its cons, why not support the building of nuclear power plants? What we need to be most heedful of now is the environment. If we do not take care of our Earrh now, we may not live to see our children and grandchildren. Greenhouse gases are collecting at an alarmingly rapid rate, and we need to do something to stop the contribution to global warming. If nuclear energy reduces carbon emissions, why not use it? Solar energy may be Eco-friendly, but it costs a lot to build, which less developed countries cannot afford. Why not build a nuclear power plant that can sustain the whole country instead, cutting down on costs? Initial cost may be high, but think of the returns. If it can last for a lifetime, why not?

  • Of course we should

    Nuclear power is the future of America and the world. It is not dangerous at all. As a high school senior, I have been within 100 feet of the reactor core and I am not dead, nor do I have cancer. The concrete, lead, and water that surrounds the core stops most of it from getting to you. Actually if you got into the pool of water that is in the water and stayed within 5 feet of the surface, you would be getting less radiation because the water would be blocking out the cosmic background radiation set off by the big bang. If a terrorist were to come into the reactor core and steal the uranium or plutonium, by the time the brought the substance to the top of the pool, the would have already received a lethal dose of radiation. In order to safely remove the uranium, a giant tractor trailer is brought in with a giant lead box on the back and using a crane, the facility operators would remotely pick up and put the substance into the lead box. It will then be shipped to a secure sight. Completely government controlled for disposal. What ever that may be. Yes there may be nuclear meltdowns but think about how many explosions at gas plants in the year 2013 have already happened. I urge you to go to your local college and take a nuclear physics class so you can be informed by scientists and not by the media and wikipedia.

  • Produces for more energy than renewable sources

    Renewable sources are not a strong enough source of energy. To produce one Giga Watt of electricity from wind power you need 150 square miles. We simply don't have enough room. Fossil fuels are running out and are too damerging to the environment, so they are not the future. This leaves nuclear as the clear replacment to fossil fuels.

  • New nuclear technologies will provide the third world with its energy

    We need to develop and implement the next generation of smaller cleaner cheaper Nuclear Power stations rapidly. The new small cheap nuclear stations using depleted uranium will be able to run small towns for 30 years then be replaced with the next technology. However, we also need to reduce our energy demand and implement energy saving technologies. Such as powering PCs and Cells from body heat or the use of piezzo electric advances. Energy storage solutions must also be advanced dramatically. The localisation of industry with the advent of 3D and waste recycling technologies will also create less dependency on large centralised power generation. One form of energy is a stepping stone to the next generation the important issue is never to stop the research nor its funding by government and industry.

  • IBM Watson says: YES!

    When you prohibit failure, you kill innovation. If you kill innovation in nuclear technology, you can’t develop a better solution. If you can’t innovate you can’t grow,” and if you can’t grow, you can’t possibly solve the world’s energy needs.

    Now replace the word nuclear with renewable and you have the history of renewable over the last 40 years.

  • Safest Low-Carbon Energy

    Nuclear power provides clean, reliable, low-carbon energy that has been proven over the decades to be the safest energy source of all, despite a very small number of accidents. And modern nuclear plants are VERY much safer than the original designs that had the accidents. Further, the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) will be much safer still. It is inherently stable and walk away safe. It can be the leanest, cleanest, greenest sustainable energy source until fusion becomes a reality. And even if fusion becomes real, LFTRs may still be more economical. Energy for 10 million generations.

  • there dangerous

    in Russia a entire city was evacuated because the nuclear power plant had a melt down it still to this day is uninhabitable cause levels of radiation are high. people make mistakes the oil in gulf was caused by one individuals mistake that set of a chain of events the spill itself was a time bomb cause a flaw in the design of the drill

  • Nuclear plants pose a real danger because if there is a mishap, there will be tremendous destruction and loss of lives.

    In the past, we have seen disasters like Chernobyl in Russia where millions have been affected.

    Posted by: dekren
  • We shouldn't be building nuclear power plants, because they're dangerous.

    We need to focus on more green energy like hydro,wind and solar. Nuclear is not a good energy. I would rather have coal. At least it doesn't have to be stored in underground bunkers. How do we know that there won't be plate movement and other natural disasters, and even though it doesn't produce carbon when used, there is when it is mined and when it transported to power plants.

  • The nuclear industry is full of deceit and propaganda.

    Nuclear power and nuclear materials are dangerous. Personnel that do not tell the truth regarding risks, sickness and the number of deaths associated with nuclear power and materials in the United States compromise nuclear safety and security.

    Threats to whistle-blowers is but a tip of the human factors failures associated with nuclear power. Trusting liars and those whose concern is that of money over human health and welfare with one of the most destructive forces known to human kind, nuclear power, is indicative of failing cultural values of our society.

    The nuclear power industry has bought its way into the political realm of Washington DC politics and participates fully in the corruption of the U.S. political scene. Welcome to the Corporate States of America.

  • It's a bad idea.

    Having this type of power station is not a good idea as its too much pollution and if bad for peoples heath. I have none around me but I used to and they are terrible I had to move because of it was to smoky and it was just horrible.

  • They will kill us.

    They are extremely bad for the environment, not to mention the cancer you could get from this. They contaminate your water supply from mixing materials of titanium and uranium and will NOT actually reduce the dependency on other countries for oil. Even though they state that they will reduce dependency it will not, simply because nuclear power plants produce electricity, not oil.

  • Better alternatives are around

    Too many developed countries now depend too much on electricity. By reducing the amount of dependency on electricity, we can just rely on clean renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, solar power, and wind power. Indeed nuclear power produces a tremendous amount of electricity, disasters do happen. If a nuclear power plant goes bad, the nuclear waste will be around the area and cause serious health issues. What happens if a solar panel goes bad? Not much but some replacement parts. A windmill? same thing. What about a dam? Well yes, thousands of people can potentially die, but there can be preventative measures like diverting the water to emergency canals so the damage is minimal. The cons for these alternatives to nuclear power are MUCH SAFER.

  • Freedom to Earth

    Only 2 words: Chernobyl, Fukushima. Who can guarantee 100% that they will occur depending disastrous accidents in the future. Let future generations to live for without the threat of nuclear disaster.Let's finally put priorities in our lives. All these arguments about cheap energy seem ridiculous in front of the victims of Chernobyl and Fukushima

  • I am opposed to building more nuclear power plants because they are dangerous, costly and not efficient.

    I feel the way I do because nuclear power plants cost too much money to operate. Nuclear power plants are also a source of potential danger in that they may be attacked by military or terrorist forces. There are many other sources of energy that are more cost effective and safe.

    Posted by: JardM0unt4in
  • We should not build more nuclear power plants, as better forms of energy are available.

    Wind power, solar power and wave power are being used very widely in other countries, so there is no need to build more nuclear power plants anywhere in the world. There are cleaner, more efficient and less damaging options available, so generating energy using nuclear power should be a thing of the past.

    Posted by: R053Neddy

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Anonymous says2013-08-04T21:42:19
The mob rules, as usual...
Robert_Lindblad says2013-12-25T02:29:25.290
The nuclear industry creates radioactive waste, an extremely toxic carcinogen, which lasts millions of years polluting the air (radioactive dust and rain), the waters and the land negatively affecting every species on Earth. It is time to stop the insane psychopathic buisness of the nuclear industry today for the sake of your childrens childrens children and every living species on the planet. The nuclear industry is a white elephant that needs to be put down for the sake of the human race and all species of the Earth.

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