• Yes, we should celebrate Nationl Kissing day.

    National Kissing day is simply a celebration of the simple act of kissing. A kiss is a simple means of showing affection at all levels, between lovers, between parent and child, between friends. We have days celebrating a wide variety of things, from Christmas to National Doughnut day. Why not celebrate National Kissing day?

  • Meant to be a bit of fun

    National Days are meant to be a bit of fun: an excuse for schools, workplaces and related charities to add a bit of spice into the hum-drum of daily life. Whilst I would draw the line at paraphernalia, sales or needing to spend money, I think a bit of harmless fun is, well, harmless.

  • Yes, it should be celebrated.

    National Kissing day is a fun holiday that celebrates love and affection. It is a great alternative to Valentines Day, as it has not been commercialized. It is fun, and low key and is a great way to celebrate new an old relationships without putting a lot of pressure on people.

  • No, I do not think that we need to celebrate National Kissing day.

    No, I do not think that we need to celebrate National Kissing day. So many different things are celebrated as holidays in this country that it cheapens all of the holidays overall. We should minimize the number of holidays we celebrate to make them more special so people have something to look forward to.

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