Do you think whistleblowers are good for their country?

  • Yes, they are.

    I do think whistleblowers are good for their country. For one, they bring corruption and mistreatment to the forefront. And two, it's someone fighting for the "little guy." It always dumfounded me that whitleblowers got the same treatment as someone who ratted on a criminal in some thug organization. It's disgusting.

  • Yes, I feel whistleblowers are both good and necessary for their country.

    Yes, I feel whistleblowers are good, and also necessary for their country. All systems, governments and corporations included, must have some form of accountability to those they were created to serve. When a person who feels that a government is going against the principles those people founded the government upon, it is the duty of that person, the whistleblower, to alert others to this. This creates accountability and responsibility, increasing trust in the government. The government often has access to more information about its citizens than the citizens do about the government, in these modern times. Whistleblowers insure that this trend shall not continue, that government should answer to the people.

  • Whistleblowers are not good for their country

    It is my opinion that whistleblowers are not good for their country. These men and women who expose government secrets are throwing away the trust that is given to them upon being accepted into government positions. I feel that these people are creating negative press for their governments in order to become famous.

  • Yes, whistleblowers are good for their country.

    I think that whistleblowers can be good can be good for their countries. I think that the thread of a government who acts unjust is something that every citizen should be concerned about. There sometimes needs to be somebody who exposes the truth for the people. But I also think it depends on the situation.

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