Do you think Wolf Blitzer's epic failure on Jeopardy! is evidence of dementia?

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  • Jeopardy Is A Game of Trivia - Not A Test of Mental Health

    Wolf Blitzer's failure on the popular game show, Jeopardy, is not an indication of his mental health. Jeopardy is a game of trivial knowledge, rather than a comprehensive test of someone's mental acuity. While it is unfortunate, and likely embarrassing that Wolf performed so poorly, one should not misconstrue the meaning of his performance.

  • No, Wolf is fine

    Evidence of dementia is far more clear. Sundowners, a symptom where things start becoming more and more difficult to process in the evening time, is a clear symptom. Forgetting one's keys that are in one's hands, forgetting names and faces, and losing track of time are all symptoms of dementia. Failing at a celebrity game show is not a sign of dementia.

  • Wolf Blitzer's failure on Jeopardy is not evidence of dementia

    To save at Wolf Blitzer's failure on Jeopardy is some kind of evidence of dementia is a horrible thing to say. My guess is many people who would appear in a stress filled situation like a game show look like wise crack under pressure. Simply because he is a high profile person does not make him anymore or less apt to error.

  • Things happen on television

    No, I don't think Wolf Blitzer's failure on Jeopardy! is necessarily evidence of dementia. Other contestants have failures on the show and no one jumps to a conclusion that they have dementia. Other factors come into play in a situation like this. It is possible Wolf was not well versed in the particular categories on his episode. Perhaps he wasn't quick enough with the buzzer. Maybe he was just having a bad day.

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