Do you think women should have unrestricted access to birth control?

  • Free Birth Control!

    Birth control should be available to women over the counter without the need to see a physician. This type of access will dramatically decrease the out of pocket healthcare expenses for US women who end up having to spend money on unnecessary healthcare expenses including office visits. Healthcare professionals use excuses that by not allowing birth control without a prescription allows them to track preventative services that are needed on a regular basis including PAP smears and breast exams, but new research suggests that it is not necessary. There are no more side effects to birth control then there are to other over the counter products including vitamins and cold remedies. Free birth control and let women have the ability to access it anywhere, anytime!

  • Yes, it is right.

    Studies still show that access to free birth control GREATLY decreases the abortion rate. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about? Or do you want to keep mentioning a book that really isn't about abortion at all? It seem to be under the impression that a large percent of pregnancies end in abortion. They don't. Access to birth control is for sexually active women who don't want to have children at that time. It has nothing to do with women who do want to have children. That should be common sense. And birth control has been shown beyond a doubt to greatly decrease abortion rates in country after country

  • Women should have unresticted acces to birth control.

    Preventing unwanted births has been paramount in reducing crime and poverty. Women should have the right to decide if they want to raise a child inside of her. As long as both parties consent to the use of birth control, the access to it should not be restricted in any way.

  • Without a doubt

    Women should absolutely have unrestricted access to birth control. Men can't get pregnant, it's that simple. Women bear all of the health risks and all of the major and minor discomforts of being pregnant. If they choose not to get pregnant, they should be able to take steps ,other than celibacy, to avoid it.

  • No one has the right to restrict birth control to anyone.

    This is not a question of whether or not birth control is morally acceptable, but whether is it right to take the choice out of people's hands. Having children is an individual choice, as is the expression of individual sexuality, so long as it is between consensual adults. Whether or not one personally supports birth control, they do not have the right to restrict or deny it to another.

  • Why cant we have birth control, Please.

    Many years ago a male birth control was developed. Its been kept away from ever making it into the hands of men. For reasons not to hard to imagine. I say birth control should be accessible to all. I believe both sexes should support this and the control stopping men from also having a choice of birth control should stop.
    Women want unrestricted access for themselves but have always fought to stop development of the birth control for men.

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