Do you think women should wear high heels?

Asked by: Rafe
  • Yes. If They Please

    Women should be able to do as they want just as men do. Its her choice wether she wants to or not. Some women perfer heels and some dont. It all depends on the women. To me it doesnt matter, heels are always fun to wear ! But the day depends on your nood

  • Its her choice

    Why can't she? If she likes them, its her choice to wear them. They are good for women in the business place and for the nights out. Don't even know why this would even be a debate! Some even feel more confident about themselves when wearing high heels. Its amazing!

  • Of course they should!

    I think it's ridiculous that people are trying to stop women wearing a basic item of their clothing. If I want to look smart and well dressed which I need to for work, then I have to wear heels. Men are on average taller than women and in a working environment it helps us see eye to eye, I for one hate people talking down to me and heels can eliminate this problem especially in a male dominated workplace. They're also the only shoes that work with pencil skirts, they limit how far I can move my knees apart so I need heels which shorten my stride to stop me ripping my skirt, which I would in flats. And wearing platform heels in the rain mean my feet stay dry. Yes, wearing them isn't easy but that's just how it is, our anatomy is more complicated and our shoes have heels.

  • It Is My Choice

    Im 5'1 and I feel really short sometimes. High heels make me look taller and they give me confidence. I love and I think they make me look good and when I look good, I feel good. If you don't think women should wear high heels, then I respect that. Everyone can do what makes them comfortable, but I don't think that you should tell everyone not to wear high heels because they aren't comfortable for you. I love wearing high heels because they make me feel feminine, taller(yay), and overall good about myself. And they don't cause me discomfort.

  • Of course they should! In moderation.

    Get comfy insoles for your heels. And don't wear them every day! Obviously, you want to be smart about it and not wear them if you know you'll be doing a lot of walking. Heels are gorgeous and so is a woman when she wears them. Short little heels are totally disgusting though...Wear them HIGH! Go big or go home. The people who say we shouldn't wear them are seriously overreacting. If you don't like them, then don't wear them. Plus you can't deny how good they look.

  • High heels are fine

    Many people, doctors, and websites say that high heels can damage your entire body. However there are solutions to those: find a shoe that fits perfectly, not too big, not too tight, also get a pair with a round toe, not pointy, or square, to prevent hammertoes. High heels are more comfortable to some people, and make the wearer appear taller and more slender.

  • They force the body into a sexy stance.

    A women wearing high heels is a cut above. She's usually smarter, has a higher paying job, has higher self esteem, is dressed better, is outgoing, and has a little bit of look at me look. She seems both lovable and beautiful. She is knowing of how men look act with a women wearing high heels. However the heel has to be over three inches to force this beautiful female attraction and attention. Most women can wear three inch heels or higher without any problems. Along with the proper color leg wear high heels can't be beat if the person wearing them has the heel to toe walk and the beautiful one leg touching the other stance.

  • Yes of course - People need to quit whinging!!

    Of course, I mean it's a personal preference and as a hardcore heel wearer I'm biased in saying this but I just think they add so much more to a look. Don't get me wrong flats can be cute too but I would always pick the heeled look. As for all the fear-mongering comments on the 'No' side about permanently damaging yourself etc most of that is nonsense. I sort of agree that extended wear of STILLETOS with a narrow toe can obviously give you toe trouble, but heels in general if you buy the correct size? Absolutely not. If you buy ANY shoes that are too small you're looking at toe problems regardless. If you're a regular heel wearer it's good to do some deep leg stretches to ensure that your hamstrings don't tighten up too much and you'll be fine. Oh by the way, as someone whose worn heels from aged 12/13 until now (I'm 21 so thats 8/9 years) I'm yet to have any of the 'problems' mentioned and.....It's always kept my legs toned :)

  • Yes. Of course

    I am very short, about 5'1and i have really tall sisters and when i stand next to them, i feel really small. But when i wear high heels, they make me feel awesome and a lot taller and i am more confident as well. So of course women should wear heels.

  • Well why not??

    I think if a woman wants to wear high heels let her wear them, not all women hurt in high heels and they look good i like high heels they make you feel very ladylike, or business-like it all depends on what kind you wear. But its stylish, its nice, and do what you want to do

  • They damage your health.

    I'm certainly not saying a woman shouldn't wear whatever the hell she wants- that's fine. But the question is SHOULD we wear high heels, not should we be allowed to. Just like we shouldn't smoke even though it shouldn't be banned, we shouldn't wear high heels.
    They do a horrid number on all the leg joints, particularly the ankle and knee. They cause lower back pain due to the unnatural posture one must adopt to wear them. They force over 30% of your weight onto the ball of your foot and your fragile toe bones. They cause ingrown toenails, hammer toes, and bunions. And they are just plain torturous.

  • Fashion shouldn't cause HEALTH CONCERNS

    First, most of the high heels today look more like hooker shoes. Somehow, looking like a pole dancer has become fashionable. I guess they're running out of fashion ideas and tired of recycling the eras of the past (hippie days, etc.). Fashion gets ridiculous when the creativity of the designers has run dry. Just look at the fashion of males wearing their pants down to their KNEES, held on by a tightened BELT, and walking around with their boxer shorts completely showing. How DISGUSTING. As if we want to look at these dirty pigs in their UNDERWEAR. It's this same mentality that led to the fashion industry dressing women and girls up like prostitutes, first with their bras showing through their shirts, then completely sticking OUT and totally/intentionally mismatched to the outfit, then plunging necklines and skirts that ride up to the crotch. They're sho short, people like Brittany can't even get out of a car drunk without showing their business to the cameramen. Then the whorish makeup that goes with it (think Kardashian). The more society and the fashion industry pressure women to wear items that make them look this way AND/OR cause permanent foot damage and excruciating pain, it's time for women to say to the men and women designing them: "YOU WEAR THEM!" Today, if you're not wearing stilettos, prostitute clothing, clown makeup, weird hair dyes and styles, etc., you're not attractive? Remember when women who were attractive were BORN that way and not "made up" to be that way? Tsk, tsk. It's all about self-esteem and your need to conform to these ways in order to "fit in" or be noticed (or not stand out). If your esteem is that LOW, you'll go along with it. If it's NOT, and you're a leader and not a follower, you won't succuumb to this utter nonsense.

  • On to the on to the NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Women should not wear high heels because there are so many problems while wearing them. First, it can cause ankle injuries, ball of the foot pain, bunions, and nerve damage. Second, wearing high heels can cause lots more injuries. Third, known as pump bump, the occurs hen straps of high heeled shoes dig into the tissue around the Achillies' tendon.

  • They should not be force to wear high-heels.

    They were force to wear high-heels in many occasions such as in Oscar's Nomination and formal occasions, also being immodest and stylish. For those who want to be tall, take a food supplement everyday, not torturing themselves. It's unfair that women were tortured by their attire even they don't like.

  • Stop wearing High Heels

    I wonder who came up with this stupid idea that women must wear high heels in order to look more feminine. High heels are so bad for your feet, yet women feel such pressure to wear them. I think society has to change their idea of femininity. I am in my twenties and I refuse to wear them. I'm old enough to know that, not wearing heels makes me less of a woman than anyone else.

  • Stop wearing High Heels

    I wonder who came up with this stupid idea that women must wear high heels in order to look more feminine. High heels are so bad for your feet, yet women feel such pressure to wear them. I think society has to change their idea of femininity. I am in my twenties and I refuse to wear them. I'm old enough to know that, not wearing heels makes me less of a woman than anyone else.

  • They look stupid, and are bad for your feet

    Anyone should be able to wear whatever they want as long as nobody else suffers because of it. That being said, I personally think high heels look really stupid. It's a simple choice of fashion that shouldn't have to be anything more than that, but I just have a hard time taking someone seriously when they're wearing them. I'll never know why so many women choose to wear these self-imposed handicaps.

  • People can do what they want with their own body, but still...

    High heels cause stress in the joints and bones of lower back and feet, and they disfigure women's toes as well. They can wear what they want, but society force-feeds them this concept where beauty is related to these kinds of attire.
    And other than all that... I'm a straight man and I possitively dislike them.

  • It's up to the woman.

    I say that women should only wear them if they wish to. It should obviously never be mandatory. I wouldn't wear them. I think they are uncomfortable, dangerous and cause foot, back and ankle problems. They also aren't at all my style. Women are definitely capable of looking sexy in many other ways.

  • High heels are damaging their feet anatomy

    It causes damage to their feet in addition to being tricky to walk on to begin with which causes ankle sprains and breaks. If they wear it habitually, they'll actually feel uncomfortable barefoot, to the point it actually hurts. Also, short women are adorable, it's lovely to have them tiptoe to kiss us!

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Wedges sure but stilettos are awful