• Yes. I believe WWE should dissove the Shield.

    The Shield is overrated and they keep hinting to the fact that they will be reunited and it never happens. Eventually fans will stop even caring or believing in the advertisements and just move on to other things. The shield is over played and overrated and should be completely dissolved.

  • WWE Should Get Over the Sheild

    Yes, I believe the WWE should dissolve the shield. I think the majority of fans are over it. They had their time - with victory upon victory from 2012 to 2013 and even into 2014. After the split in 2014 when Rollins attacked Ambrose and Reigns and sided with the Authority. That was the end of the Shield - it would never be the same.

  • Not only should the WWE Shield be dissolved, the entire WWE needs to be dissolved.

    The WWE Shield needs to be dissolved along with the entire WWE. This form os entertainment is nothing more than a pandering to the lowest common denominator and does nothing to help maintain an erudite and educated population. This needs to simply go away, for the betterment of our nation and citizens.

  • The shield is beast

    S h e i l d i s b e a s t b e a l i v e t h at r o m a n d e a n a n d s e t h t h e
    b e s t t e a m e v e r

  • A good story always has a place in WWE

    WWE should not formally dissolve The Shield. Sure, the individuals would like, and should receive, attention on their own. This is difficult for them, as long as WWE reminds fans of their Shield association. But the entertainment value of a popular story with these particular characters is still too valuable for WWE to give up.

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