• In most cases -- Yes

    To begin with i think it's important to understand that we are not talking about the government here we are mainly talking about the police force. And yes i know that its run by the government. I think that it is hard for some people to just blindly trust police, and that's fine. I personally have had good experiences with my local police and trust them. If you can't trust your local police at the very least just try and respect them. Continuing on i think that one main problems with this is the media. How often does CNN or Fox news talk about the heroics of the police force. Well i would say almost never. That's because its a better story for the sites to talk about how the police are evil. You can't tell me that police hardly ever do something heroic because i have seen my full share of videos on other websites. To add to that i am not saying that cops do not do bad things. With the good there is also bad. Next you should look into things like training. Cops are NOT just random people that put on a badge, they are well trained professionals that risk their lives for you. Again i am not saying that there are only good police officers there are also people take advantage of this. So to end this i am basically going to say that i think that the majority of the police force can be trusted as long as you show them the respect that they deserve.

  • In general and initially, no I do not trust the police.

    Police officers are human beings like the rest of us. And first, I'm not too big on just trusting anyone straight away. Second, take a look at the very famous, or maybe infamous, "Lucifer effect". Basically a study out of Stamford that shows that when people are given these master type roles it can have extreme behavioural and psychological effects on them, because of how it treats the ego.

    Look at where police come from. You have normal humans who say they are government, and suddenly, they are. And because of this, they believe they can replace God, by dictating what is right and wrong. They can say something is a right, by passing a law and saying it's legal, even if it's not an inherent human right. If they want something to be a wrong, or take a given right away from you, they just call it "illegal" and pass a law on that. Suddenly your right is taken from you because they said it. Keeping this in mind, you don't have the right to cause violence towards another human being. You cannot violate their rights. However, if the government tries to take away your right to do something, and tells you that it's now a wrong, the police have a job to "uphold and enforce the governments law". Not natural law, not God's laws. So they can cause violence and violate your rights and have the entire government behind them, all because they were given a badge and permission from the government. A group of individuals who claim to be something. And they think they can can choose what your rights are.

    All this to say I don't trust police because this is where their morality has to be in order for them to be in this job or position. I don't trust what they are capable of because the illusion of human authority has spiralled out of control. And people But into it. So even if a police officer does something completely immoral or illegal, most of the time, it's ok because he's got that permission. I'll briefly also mention the high amounts of freemasons in the police and law enforcement also. The history of police and how they treated blacks in this country and where police origins are from. Do some research on that one. The history of planting drugs, evidence, mishandling evidence, unprovoked violence, rape, and everything else the police have done in the past.

  • No, not really.

    If you are part of any sort of minority group then you cannot trust police. If they don't agree with who you are then they won't protect you. There have been plenty of cases of unprecedented killings, assaults, etc. done by police.

    That doesn't mean we should be killing or assaulting them on the streets like what has been happening recently though. That is hypocritical.

  • I don't hate them, but don't like them either.

    Don't hate cops but also absolutely do not trust them. Liars that share the victim mentality and criminal thinking of the "thugs" they complain about so much. The deterioration of trust in police has little to do with society, it has more to do with their supervisors and the politicians they work for. Cops are grunts at the bottom of the political totem poll who are forced to carry out political agendas whether they agree with them or not and as a result they are disgruntled and armed. Would YOU trust any disgruntled and armed individual?

  • Do not trust police

    The majority of police that I have met seem to show signs of mega ego, lack of sympathy, and overall seem to carry themselves like narcissist. I.Personally have seen police use excessive force, engage in violent drunken behavior and operate from day to day life on a low moral code. Yes there are alot of this officer's. However, I get scared when I see the police around me. I am a average white man with an advanced degree and personal business. I think it would be foolish to trust the police as a whole, even though there are some really good men and women who are working in law enforcement and act accordingly.

    Posted by: Mfc
  • Do I Trust The Police

    No I do not trust the Irish police force, I came from a rough part of town now living in the countryside. In this rough part of town the police were afraid to come into this neighbourhood in fear of bring shot at so if anything happened we would have to wait a hour for the armed response team to arrive. Now in the countryside it is anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours to get a police officer out here if anything happens due to the closing down of local police stations. To add to that the amount of scandals such as the drink driving scandal and the PULSE system scandal, now people have no faith in the Irish judicial system and the police force aswell as many officers being corrupted and are loyal to who pays them the most money and not the oath they took when they joined.

  • Of course not, they are brutes at best

    I absolutely do not trust ANY person who takes a job with the purpose of controlling and manipulating people; Law enforcement attracts the worst kinds of men, ones with major self-esteem problems who abuse their job to compensate for all of their emotional and social shortcomings. A person who was confident and secure with themselves would never feel the need to control others by intimidation and force. Most cops are scumbags.

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