Do you want extinct species to be brought to life again?

Asked by: Juris
  • Sure why not...We can just kill them again if they get annoying

    If we can restore some ecological balance (as well as generate some tourism money) I'm all for it. There are many more species that we've killed off recently and are about to kill off that need repopulation. But seeing as we can't even keep the Elephant, Rhino, Tiger, etc from going extinct soon, I don't think we'll have much luck keeping whatever we bring back alive (unless its in the USA and Canada where we have actual laws)

  • It would be amazing

    I think it would be fascinating to study creatures that have been extinct for a long time,and it would increase scientific learning . I am interested to hear the objections if any.
    Surely anything that increases our understanding of the natural world is good and is for the benefit of mankind.

  • We will just extinct them again

    Normally the background rate of extinction is 1-5 per year now it is 1,000 to 10,000 times that amount, dozens going extinct a day. So why would we just bring back more animals from the dead to just kill them again? For food? For our own petty entertainment? No they went extinct for a reason and it should stay like that, it is our own fault so we should now live with it.

  • No no dodo

    Although I'd really like to have the dodos back, I'm not sure we should do it even if we could. But not because of possibly disturbing any ecological balance. The ecosystem is always subject to change, and nature was never concerned about which species go extinct, as others will rise to fill their places. As long as the individual animals had a good life, I have no problem with species vanishing (but with human interference this happens almost never). What I fear is that the animals we bring back might have a miserable life.

    I guess we couldn't learn much from them either. To clone them, we must already have a sufficiently conserved genetic source to do so, and thus we'd know exactly what these animals looked like. All of their species' habits are generally passed on from their parents. If we let an elephant raise a cloned mammoth, we'd be left with a mammoth that behaves exactly like any elephant we know, and we would learn nothing. And how do we know the elephant mother will accept the mammoth child? It could happen too easily that cloned animals will end lonely and die early.

    So no, don't bring them back, no matter how cool it would be. I'm not sure, though, if I could live up to my own moralizing words if I could do it. It would be so cool...

  • Messing with the unknown

    Although it would be fun and exciting to bring something back I think it is unwise. We have no idea really how a mammoth would act and behave if it came back. We live in a different world with different factors to consider. We have many other species that are going extinct. It would be better to ensure that they don't by pouring our money into saving them.

  • The went extinct for a reason

    Research and development of this is expensive, who is going to pay for this? Surely, the funds can be used in more useful things to the human society that affect us currently. There's a reason this species went extinct and if we bring them back, who's to say they won't go back to being extinct. Again, the funds point comes back, if we have to spend extra money and care to nurture these extinct animals that cannot survive against the human race, then why do it? What benefit will it give us apart from species diversity, which we have plenty of currently.

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