• If I could chose when I died, yes. All other chases no.

    If death became a choice, in terms of euthanasia, yes. I think people should have the right to live a life they can find satisfying, or at least have a decent chance at it.

    Being immortal, IE never able to die, would be a curse, but not denying from old age, would make us able to see the world, learn, and improve ourselves, until we think our time has come.

  • Not enough time

    There is not a enough time to do all the work you want in life. A lot of people will say you will lose you goal if you live forever, and the life will be boring if you live forever. But I think are still a lot of things the world is waiting for you to do.

  • I could obtain all human knowledge

    I, along with others could obtain all human knowledge, and solve our problems and answer our questions. We would be beacons of hope and intelligence in this idealistic depiction of immortality. However, if it ever is possible I likely wouldn't be able to afford it. In reality, it could be misused, and I'd oppose the misuse of it. But, of course, yes, I'd love to live forever that's awesome.

  • There's so much to do!!

    I mean if your body stayed between the age of 21-32 the answer is -Defiantly for me :-) You could read every book in any library visit EVERY favourite holiday destination, explore and understand every single religion to perfection ( and thus having an authority on which one you think has got it right!!) try out every profession and trade, every sport and every musical instrument and hey maybe even bum around for 50 or so years (I mean even that would get boring after a while). I mean i understand that you will see love ones come and go and out live everyone and yeah maybe it might get lonely? But maybe that will make you cherish your time more with those people, it can also make it so you can gather a fortune to make life easier for those loved ones while they do have that time with you! Immortality come at me!

  • I want to be a master at everything.

    I'd like to live forever, as long as I wouldn't lose memory and could chose when to die.In my life i want to be a master of all trades, but unfortunately one lifetime isn't enough, so it'd be perfect, as i could dedicate myself to any subject, for as long as i'd want, knowing that i won't die.

  • It's a curse that I couldn't bear

    Unfortunately, if I were immortal,I would see all my loved ones go. My wife, my children, my cousins, and my friends. I would be all alone on Earth, with no one left who loved me. It would be horrible. I would become rich, possibly become famous, but I wouldn't want any of it without someone I love to help me.

  • No, I don't want to live forever.

    I don't want to live forever because it'll we be so boring, I'll get tired of life and long for a new one, I believe in life after death. The life we are living now is only a part of the real life I believe in. Life goes on and death is a part of it.

  • It would get boring and painful

    If you were unable to die you would end up suffering. The earth is going to be destroyed one day in the (very!) distant future. Which would mean you would effectively floating around in space, unable to breath, burning from the sun (no atmosphere to block it) and you would eventually end up falling onto another inhospitable planet....

  • No thank you.

    While the idea is nice to be able to learn all that I want to learn. Eventually I will get bored and then eternal restlessness will drive me insane. Probably I would try off myself, but that would not work as it would mean not living forever and so the horrible cycle would continue.

  • Eternal life is a nightmare

    There are so many cons to being immortal. I'll have to watch everyone around me grow old and die while I remain ageless. People are not meant to live forever, we are born, we live and we die, that's nature. Plus what if I get bored? How will I occupy myself?

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What are your thoughts on conditional immortality?