• Yes, I would like to see Trump's tax returns

    Donald Trump may not care that he's made hypocritical statements in the past about various systems being rigged, etc.; but it would sure go a long way to help to try and repair any semblance of a relationship he has with his constitutes if he would release his tax returns. He's been lauded as a man that talks the talk, so he should release his returns.

  • Yes, I want to see Donald Trump's tax return.

    Yes, Donald Trump should show his tax returns because every presidential candidate should. I, along with the rest of country, want to see his tax returns to know how he makes his money and where it comes from. If he has nothing to hide, he should release his tax returns. Warren Buffett has even said he would release his tax returns if Trump releases his.

  • Not in the least.

    I don't even want to see my own tax returns, let alone someone who has made as much money as Donald Trump has made. I don't care to know how many billions of dollars that this person has collected from people over the years, especially the income that he earned from all the poor people who threw away their money in his casinos.

  • No, I do not

    I do not really understand what tax returns have to do with running for president. Every single person that even slightly attempts to run for president is rich so what the hell does it matter? It is not like poor people are running for president. That would be highly unlikely.

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