• Yes, yes it does

    A mans hair does reflect his sexuality.... If its messy but still kinda organized, then hes a straight guy.... If its dyed absurdly bright colors or he has highlights, then hes probably super duper mega gay.... If hes bald he either has cancer, or hes a nazi, or hes a nazi who happens to have cancer.

    Look at Jesus's hair and tell me that he isnt the manliest looking due in the history of forever....

  • No, hair doesn't mean anything

    It's a shame that things like this do determine the sexuality of a person in the eyes of some others, because they have nothing to do with it. A hair style doesn't automatically depict the sexual preferences of a person, the stereotypes may be correct in some instances but only coincidentally.

  • No not really

    Sexuality is not always as black and white as a lot of people proclaim. The point I am trying to say is that just because someone shows homosexual tendencies or appears homosexual it does not always mean that they will be identifiable as gay their whole lives. It also works the other way round. Also gay males have different images so that will be reflected in differing haircuts amongst them. Also many gay men are in denial so may purposely choose to have so called straight haircuts so as to avoid attention in a society where there are still a lot of people who see heterosexuality as a social norm. Just for the record I don't care what sexuality a person is and would treat someone the same regardless of their sexual orientation.

  • Nah, not really

    Guys can have such sexy hair that matches their perfect face, allowing girls to fall head over heels for them in a heartbeat! Usually, the sexier a guy looks - including his hair - makes them more open to have gay feelings since they've been with too many women. I'm not saying that I am against homosexuals or anything, I love gay guys, they are very funny and so easy to get along with. Any girl would absolutely love to go shopping with a gay best friend. I know I would! (Yes, I'm a girl) Anyways, the point being, the more perfect and neater a guy's hair is, the more biased people become and think he likes the opposite gender. In some cases this is true; however, anyone can do whatever with their hair as they like, so no, a man's hair does not necessarily reflect his sexuality.

  • No, absolutely not.

    A man's hair is independent from his sexuality. It is not exclusive to a specific sexual preference. If it were, stereotypes would be always be correct. By way of contrast, they are not absolutely correct. Common haircuts among certain sexualities can occur. However, hairstyle is purely preferential, just as fashion is. To argue that because someone's hair looks a certain way is to make them a certain sexuality is absurd. It simply isn't correct.

  • Why would it?

    If I wear black shoes, does it make me bisexual? Not in the slightest. (I'm straight, by the way, but I support the LGBT community.) The same argument can be made about hairstyles. Fashion is preferential, while sexuality is biological. They have no correlation whatsoever and should not be grouped together.

  • Again, another example of discrimination.

    Except this time, it's on hair. Heterosexual males do not have to have a specific hairstyle. That would be boring. Same thing with homosexuals. I've seen some men with the most "straight" haircut, and they were homosexual, and vice versa. You are a hetero male if you like women, and a homo male if you like men. Simple as that. Your appearance has nothing to do with it.

  • Nope, its just hair

    Based simply on a guy's hair length/style NOT considering how they are dressed, how they speak, or anything else, you cannot know his sexual preference. Many homosexual men have short hair, conservative hair. Many straight men have long hair (surfer's, skateboarders, rock stars and musicians, hippies/hipsters, and others that just prefer it that length) Yet there seems to be a war on hair. Society seems to expect men to have short hair, some would argue barely any (military length) or none at all. Many perhaps would find anything longer than an inch a hassle, but it doesn't mean a man is homosexual if he chooses to grow it longer. To have nice long hair takes both patience and care, two qualities men of either sexual orientation should aspire to have

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