Does a person waste his short life working out?

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  • No point in the end

    So you would build up muscles everyday when in the end it won't matter? I mean, it will all be for nothing in the end when you die. If you are buried 6 feet under, then your flesh will rot away, the maggots will have their fill, and all the work you put into building up your body will have been for nothing. I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise, but you should still do live your life to it's fullest. Time stops for no one, and before you know it you'll be dead. And if you do it for a girl, then you should put some thought into it. Why would you date a girl who would only go out with you for your looks?

  • Waste of Time

    If working out is not something you enjoy then it is a waste of time. I believe that one can live a fuller, more influential life when they are not focused on transforming their bodies into a societal ideal. As a goal, physical attractiveness by way of working out will fall flat. When one achieves this goal, all they have left to do is maintain it. And for what? All of our bodies will eventually decay.
    This is not to say that exercise is worthless. I think it is important to remain active to ensure health. Few of us are truly alone on this earth, and maintaining one's health for the sake of their loved ones is important. However, a life with significant focus placed on fitness is wasted.

  • ^This is so true.

    Like the person above me said, there is no point because we will all die in the end. Clearly, every action we do has no point, even answering this debate. We might as well kill ourselves now, since there's no reason to do ANYTHING if we'll all die. Clearly, this stance is the correct one, and therefore, there's no point in exercising, debating, thinking, or even staying alive since we'll all die in the end.

  • Muscles/Strength has use.

    Working out isn't pointless, as you are able to lift more without strain. This is useful if your job requires you to lift heavy objects. Also, there are health benefits to working out, like keeping your heart healthy. I personally enjoy jogging, and that is my favorite form of exercise. With exercise, and proper diet, you maintain a weight that can prevent heart attack, joint pain, and back problems. You have a longer life to live if your heart and body is healthy.

    If your idea of living life to the fullest is eating, and eating, and eating, then live your life that way. A lot of health problems are health related, so you are not really living life to it's fullest.

    Also, you say something about women being attracted to you because your looks. That isn't primarily looks they are going for. Someone who is healthy will live longer, so they would go for the person they know will be around longer, and with the least amount of health problems. Plus, there has to be some form of attraction for a relationship to work. Looks is just one facet.

  • In depends on the purpose

    In my case, I work out to train for Hiking and Mountaineering. Those activities are much more enjoyable if you are fit and as such, working out is a good investment of my time. I would personally not feel that exercising was time well spent if it were just to produce muscles on my body that I could admire in the mirror.

  • It can increase your life expectancy

    Working out is very good for your body and your brain. It can reduce the chances of getting a heart attacks and a lot of other illnesses. Working out can help improve your immune system so working out is not a waste of time. Ask your self this.If some one comes to you and challenges you for a fight to death. What would you do if you have no muscles?

  • Not a waste.

    I personally HATE exercise and working out, but I must admit it does have its health benefits. Even just taking 10 minutes of your time to move a few muscles in your arms and legs makes a physical difference; I genuinely feel more energetic and fitter. Sitting and not moving all day is very unhealthy.

  • No way man!

    If you work out you will live longer because your body has the right nutrients and it can go on longer. You may die strong but that does not really do anything. People do other things than just working out like playing at an arcade or something else. This question really makes no sense.

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