• Of course it does

    The evidence of a statistically significant wage gap even when different levels of human capital are taken into account is overwhelming. Additionally people often don't look at why the difference in human capital has come about and *shocker* it turns out that when you investigate it it's often due to sexism.

  • It does but it's not because of sexism.

    It is true, men, on average do get paid more than women. However, this is literally an average of ALL men's earnings and ALL women's earnings. It doesn't take into account the difference in work hours, career choices, qualifications, quality of the work, and the money that work comes in.

  • Yes, but it is much smaller than some people think.

    The oft-cited "79 cents on the dollar" argument is completely bogus: that number is only because women tend to choose low-paying jobs. When you look at a man and a woman side-by-side in the same job, there still exists a wage gap, but much smaller: 94 cents on the dollar.

  • Yes, but barely.

    That is, assuming that this is referring specifically to gender.

    When you look at it in context, women make about 97 cents on the dollar compared to men (and when you classify groups more specifically, women are often paid more than men within certain groups). Most people just like to shout about the 33% gap while having no idea what statistic they're actually citing. The fact of the matter is that men are more likely to work full time, full time working men spend more time at work than full time working women on average (about 14% longer), they're almost ten times more likely to die on the job (not all of which are job-related incidents of course), they're much more likely to choose higher paying fields and more likely to pick higher paying practices within those fields, and are far less likely to major in low paying fields (despite also being less likely to benefit from affirmative action in the first place).

  • There is no wage gap.

    There is no differential between 2 people doing the same exact work. There is only a gap when comparing an average of all works. Women on average work 42min less a day than men which would be a big factor in the 'wage gap'. The only gap that exists is an earnings gap, and because women on average work less hours, take more time off, and work worse jobs, they earn less over a year. By the same statistics white men only make 80c for every Asian man's dollar.

    42 Min Less A Day-
    Work Worse Jobs-

  • It's quite the myth.

    The "Wage Gap" is an idea. That's all that it is.
    Essentialy, this idea took the average of all men and women paychecks and averaged them out.
    Did it take into account the jobs they worked?
    Did it take into account the positions that they worked in?
    Did it take into account experience, qualification, etc.?
    Did it take into account whether or not the person was self-employed?

    So don't let people argue that this idea is in support of third wave feminism. Instead, it's an argument against it, showing that these feminists will do anything to distort evidence to support their side.

    Also, ask them about The Equal Pay Act of 1963. I'm sure they won't have an intelligent response....

  • The wage gap is a lie

    If there truly was a wage gap, the nature of capitalism and the free market would result in an uneven amount of female employees. Because given the choice, any effective employee would favor the cheapest person to employ. If the narrative of the pay gap existed such a situation would take place, and if all females were paid systematically less, they would hypothetically always be employed. But since such a scenario does not exist female pay gap cannot be real.

  • This is just more lies from the female supremacist movement, like the rape culture lie.

    If you consider how much the so called first wave of feminism has done and how much they've change western world, it's hard to imagine that a wage gap still exist.

    The work force has been opened right up to women. Every job description is now available to women, it's whether women have a taste for those jobs or not.

    Women are taking better advantage of higher education and are increasingly occupying more and more high power jobs, both in public and private sectors.

    The social dynamics have changed from the days when the man was the bread winner. Back then, the man's income was usually sufficient for the whole family.

    Nowadays, a 2 income family is the norm. Yet the wife is often making more money than the husband. I've known several guys in that situation over the years. Like wise, over the years, I've had lady friends, girlfriends, exes, or what ever that are doing way better than I am.

    And when we think about today's zeitgeist with political correctness and shaming and gender interchangeability, combined with trial by media, I believe most business owners and corporate big shots don't want to be the one exposed and shamed in the media for practicing wage discrimination.

    I think this is just a ploy by the feminine extremist movement:
    1) to fit the definition of feminism. They're always pointing to the definitions while their actions don't fit the same definition.
    2) it also works as a distraction from their true goal: achieving the ability to destroy men's lives through false rape allegations and ganging up to back up false testimony, or rape culture in other words.
    3) it show the extent these extreme feminist will go to and the persistent lies they're perpetrating to better their western lives while their sisters in other cultures and religions continue to suffer true wage discrimination, true oppression, and especially the definition of a true rape culture.

  • It is a myth

    This "statistic" that women make less than men is just a piece of propaganda. It does not take into account how many hours worked, time off, type of job, or the position of the worker. This is just the average of all wages in america jumbled into a pot without much else

  • No it does not.

    Too many people falsely equate wages with earnings. To admit that there is a wage gap, one has concede that there is some form of systematic oppression of women in the workplace. This thought that the "man" is bringing women down comes about when people all too often confuse equality of outcome with equality of opportunity. Until we live in a society where choices are outlawed (which we are quickly approaching) and all behavior is mandated, there will be no equality of outcome.

  • No, it is a myth created by the ill-educated, and third-wave Feminists.

    As we know, there is no such thing as the wage gap. There is, however, a difference between wages and earnings- something Democrats and Feminists tend to forget.

    No Professional Economists in the United States takes the Wage Gap theory serious. Over the past thirty years the wage gap has been disproven, yet, spectacular imba siles still believe in it.

    The only reason there is a difference between a man and a woman's earnings is because of their personal choices. The man would rather stay at work, excel at his job, and be promoted whereas the woman would rather stay at home, be with her children or do her own things, and still be promoted. Of course, that was an example but it still makes the facts more compelling than they already are.

    I thereby conclude that the Wage Gap is, according to logic and studies, false.

  • No it has been debunked over and over

    If you and a male worker and are in the same line of work same position same hours you will get paid the same amount of money if you are a woman if you are paid less then what a man is earning in the same position same hours put in then your boss is breaking the law also if woman were cheaper we would only see woman getting hired in the long run because well, it'd be cheaper. Why would you hire men in that case when we can get cheap labour ?

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