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  • So uhh u suck

    Cuz ur mom said that ur bad and wrong and im a transgender and u dont care about me :( i think abortion is just like infanticide cuz u kill de bebi and yeah it's the mom's choice ok? Ok OKKKKKK? Ok thank have gud day jk have a bad day

  • It should not be considered infantiacide on the grounds that it is not an infant until it is born.

    Until the fully gestated infant is born, it is still a fetus, a product of the womb, and as a result, it would be somewhat ridiculous to say that you are killing an "infant" when, under technical terms, you're really just killing a fetus. Understand that, this is not to say that a fetus is not without life up until the point that it is born, but if this is a matter of terminology, which I think the law cares very much about, then it is still abortion as opposed to infanticide.

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