• Obviously adidas is the best

    Come on ma buthas. Dont lie to your selfie and say that adidas' shoes ain't da best. A D I D A S I S T H E B E S T!!!!!! They got some swagalisious shoes, if you ask me. OR LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE WALKING ON THIS EARTH. IN CONCLUSION, adidas is the bomb.Com

  • Adidas isn't Number One

    Adidas makes a good product, but different brands of running shoes each have different positive and negative aspects. Some runners prefer Nike or New Balance or Reebok. Each runner has different characteristics that are important, so no one shoe fits every runner equally. Therefore, there is no top brand that all runners will prefer.

  • No, Adidas does not make the best running shoes.

    While Adidas are stylish and named brand, they do not make the best running shoes. Running shoes require a level of ankle stability and arch support that Adidas does not have. Their arch support is more toward the heal than the location of the arch on the average person. Also, the shoes does not support ankle stability.

  • No, adida did not make the best running shoes.

    Personally, I like Nike better. Nike is doing much better in sales and sponserships, although Adidas is not far behind. The only real known shoe by Adidas is the Reebok, while Nike holds Jordan brand and converse. There are a few others, but the converse is the most popular. I think people tend to like the Nike brand better than Adidas for running shoes.

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