Does adoption have more negative effects on children than positive?

Asked by: Launnie
  • Adoption has more negative effects.

    Being adopted myself I can say it has had a negative affect on me in ways. I am the only black child in my family. I go to a mostly white school and it is very hard to fit in. Lots of classes and other things in general require that you know about your birth family including many assignments that I have been required to do that I am unable to do. Adopted children are more likely to have drug/alcohol dependence and are more likely to have a personality disorder.

  • Adoption is the best

    Adoption doesn't have a more of a negative effect on a child. I was adopted and i am a pretty positive person. It is weird at times to know that even though you grew up with the people around you and you fit in with them but then again you don't. Their are some negative things about being adopted but overall I feel that adoption is amazing and every child should be loved by their parents, even if it is not their biological parents

  • I am proudly adopted.

    I am adopted and proud of it to! Why ? Because Nine years ago I was abused and left to die on the streets.I was beaten by my biological mother's boyfriends with belts and belt buckles . I was used as a welfare check and never loved until I was found living on the streets. I was very malnourished.

  • Adoption is healthy.

    Adoption is healthy for all parties involved. However, I think all adoptions need to be at least somewhat "open" so that children can explore their history and seek the answers they need as they grow. This allows youth that much-needed opportunity to explore their identity and yet also feel connected to their adopted family.

  • I disagree with the fact that adoption gives more negative affect on children than positve

    Kids who are in need of parents , that have never found that love of parents and care , would be really thankful and grateful if they would get a family. I think the effect depends on how the parents give their kids moral value . Adoption cannot be the reason for a negative thought

  • No. Generally having a parent is a positive effect.

    Under most circumstance foster parents are well vetted and qualified individuals. They usually have to jump through hoops to acquire children and they take good care of adoptees. It's not necessarily best for children to be with their biological parent because this is a wild card. Many kids are in the system because they have no parents or reliable next of kin. Often the case having abusive or neglectful parents.

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