• Affirmative action is the key to end discrimination.

    The affirmative action should do what it is supposed to do because it is the effective key to end discrimination from happening. This is for other purposes but not for racism. If people use affirmative action for racism it will decrease the freedom of going to any school. Plus, we don't want to go back to Martin Luther King times. People want admissions to be available at any school no matter what race they are.

  • It is the best tool to level the playing field.

    Affirmative action is one of the most effective tools for redressing the injustices caused by our nation’s historic discrimination against people of color and women, and for leveling what has long been an uneven playing field. A centuries-long legacy of racism and sexism has not been eradicated despite the gains made during the civil rights era. Avenues of opportunity for those previously excluded remain far too narrow. We need affirmative action now more than ever.

  • Yes, it does what it's supposed to.

    The whole point of affirmative action is to make things equal for people who are applying for admittance into a work force or school. It does just that. It keeps places of business from denying someone employment based on their race. It also keeps schools from keeping kids out based on their race or gender.

  • No affirmative action does not.

    Affirmative action no longer does what it is suppose to do. Instead of providing an equal chance for all races and genders to get the education and jobs that they are applying for, it now has put other races in the risk of not getting the chance to attend said schools or work for said jobs.

  • Affirmative Action is Ineffective.

    No, Affirmative Action is not fulfilling its purpose. The purpose of Affirmative action is to make the environment more diverse with students who all deserve to be there. Most of these students that apply to those schools aren't getting acceptance letters because of their academic excellence but only because of the color of their skin. Therefore Affirmative Action is proven to be a useless method that needs to be eliminated.

  • It's simply legalized racism.

    Race should have NOTHING to do with hiring. Affirmative action policies are often dangerously similar to the old quota standards (which are illegal, and for good reason). I should not be discriminated against because I am white any more than other races should be discriminated against. Qualifications should be the only consideration when hiring, and extraneous factors such as race and gender should be disregarded (unless they impact ability to do the job - for example, a native African translator who grew up bilingual may be a better choice than someone who learned the language later, but again, this is skill, not race).

  • Affirmative action does not do what is intended.

    No, affirmative action does not do what it should. It often results in less qualified candidates getting employment positions based solely on race, sex, or nationality. At no point should race or sex or religion or any of those things play a role in determining who should get a job. It should be based on qualifications and suitability for that position alone.

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