Does age have anything to do with maturity?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Of course it does.

    It's obvious that an individual must be sufficiently developed to be mature. However, we often overestimate the age at which an individual is sufficently developed to take on more responsibilities. Teenagers benefit much more from real world experiences than from simple physical growth. Yet we often like to use their lack of maturity as an excuse to deprive them of the real world experiences they need to mature.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Maturity has to do with age

    There are some young people who are mature and some old people that are not, but in general you mature with age. You don't come into the world with maturity and you have to learn it as you grow. Most adults have learned maturity and have either used it or ignored it but children must learn with time.

  • I believe so..

    Biologically an organism needs time to grow to maturity. Depending on genetic variations & environmental factors the rate of growth will vary.
    With Psychological maturity genes & environment are equally important and explain why some are seen as more mature for there age than others. At what point you declare someone mentally mature is hard to define but given that wisdom from life experience would be a good indicator of maturity then the age of someone would imply more life experience. It depends if they have learnt from it I guess.

  • Maturity is not based on age.

    Maturity is generally learned rather than instinctive; maturity is the full development of your mind set. It is based on your choices and your responsibilities in life. Maturity doesn't resemble on age because, some children/ teenagers maybe more mature than some adults, this is because they understand the world differently and have probably had more experience in the hard times at an young age. Also, some people may never reach the point of maturity due to physical issues of their selves. So in which maturity is not based on how old you maybe/how many different years you have been here.; cause maturity is something that comes from your mind set when you figure out how more things work. And people have different speed rates to figure that out.

  • Maturity is based on your experiences and actions

    A tween that has been through a lot of grief in life is ready for the hard times ahead and more mature than a young adult who has never lost anything or had a hard moment once in their life. The actions one takes to get forward in life are proof of their maturity and a teen who chooses to volunteer and do their work in school is more mature than a child who chooses to sleep around, drink, and make bad choices.

  • Age has nothing to do with maturity..

    Now of course at the very early stages of life meaning infant through toddler stages we don't have as much maturity as a 30 year old could have. But even at that not all 30 year old's or adults in general could just automatically be more mature cause they are of age. I have seen a few teenagers more mature then most adults. But i will just sum this up with saying that anyone can be mature its just depends on the person.....

  • Individual maturity is not directly correlated with age at all.

    There is a slight correlation between maturity and age, but overall it is totally down to the individual. This is why all laws based around age, and age restrictions in general, should be replaced by maturity restrictions, and you would need to be tested first to find out your level of maturity. This level would determine which laws apply to you. Eg. Whether you can drink, consent to sex/marriage, vote (this shouldn't really be based on maturity or age either way, democracy should not be limited to those who are mature/older), watch certain movies (tbh movies have never been proven to harm anyone of any maturity level, cinema age restrictions should be abolished in general), and all other similar areas currently limited by age generalisations and ageist discrimination.

  • N o o.

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  • Nope I don't think

    All the experiences, facts and people around you explain you're maturity.
    Suppose think you're with a bunch of little kids at that time it's your choice to be an Responsible person or an person who is also a kid. Yeah of course many of the people choose both of them, to take responsibility and enjoy with those kids.

    Same thing happens when you' are with People, if the people around you are acting mature you too also act as an mature person.

    So it's matter of choice than age. Because in small age we never come across different stuff and also doesn't know hot to handle them. So we aren't considered as mature, as we grow up came around experiences then maturity automatically evolves through you.

  • No it does not.

    Maturity depends upon experiences. Two small boys aged 12 and 11 do various jobs to collect money for their sister s operation. I never saw them begging for money whereas a boy aged 30 still lives on his parents money and does not do any job. So maturity depends on experience not age

  • Maturity is different from age

    True, as a child grows up, (s)he sometimes learns stuff about behaviour from his/her parents, but that's only sometimes. Many children are stubborn, and don't always listen to their folks.
    For example, I am 18 years old. My sister acts a little more mature than I act sometimes, even though she is almost two years younger. However, my brother can be very immature. He is almost six years younger, but I reckon I was a little more mature than he is six years ago.
    Whenever I am hanging out with comrades/girlfriends, I usually act more mature than other times.

  • Age affects the ability to gain experience and restricts physical brain development ,but then so does food sleep ect,

    It takes experience to strengthen links between neurons,it takes time to gain reasonable experience but only if the candidate is forced or chooses to endure the ordeal,if people are spoon fed for 20+ years and locked in a single room they will not know what to do or feel alienated in different conditions age affects only the ability to be mature but maturity is determined mostly by past experiences

  • Age does not matter!!!!!

    Age does not matter we should be who we are. People should not judge us just because of our age. You can be who ever you want to be because you have a right. So I say no maturity should, and does not come with age.
    Thank you and be who you want to be.

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