• Men AND WOMEN are created equal

    Women need to be seen as equals to men, and they simply aren't. These days, women are still judged, despite all laws and attempts to create equal rights. Out of the 51 presidents we had so far, they were all men. In the constitution, people wrote that MEN were created equal. What about women? In history, we were treated as the lowest class, just a tad above slaves. This need to change, immediately.

  • We need a Mormon president too, just not Romney.

    Catholics are more accepted since we had a catholic president. Blacks now that we have a black president. So minority presidents are good. (Or "majority" in the case of a woman.)

  • Obviously we do

    You men keep screwing everything up. We can't count on you for anything. You guys are responsible for legal spying programs, US involvement in all sorts of wars across the middle east, forcing women to give up their rights, wealth disparity, and a completely depleted economy. Why don't you men just apologize (for once) and let a woman take charge? We are far more qualified than you.

  • Does america need a female president

    A female can do the same thing as a male president can.And why not give females a chance i mean you cant just judge women then not give them a chance.Stop being so ignorant a let there be a female president for once.And even if she messes up that doesnt mean all female presidents will mess up.Just because george bush messed up did all male presidents mess up......Exactly my point clear.

  • Equal right is necessary

    Lot of the women have the courage and patience to give birth to her child and sacrifice her personal career, social life, and beauty for a period of long time(maybe for 10 or more years staying home) or her life time, to take care and nurture her child to make sure her child could grow up healthily and safely, or maybe successfully with her day in and day out of trying hard works. A female president has the experience to take care of her country people like taking care of her child, So far, male presidents just like to control, to out -win, and like to kill in order to settle world matters, not much nurturing could be seen...And so on. Therefore, give a good woman a chance, and it is time to let a good woman to have a chance to chance the world to be a better place, let her be the president, and the world may become a more peaceful place. Have a try, open the door for the majority race!

  • We shouldn't vote for someone based on their gender, but let's face it, there need to be more women in politics.

    The U.S. Is one of the hardest "modern" countries for a woman in politics. In fact, we are behind many second and third world countries in this aspect as well. Don't believe me? Look up the stats sometime. A good politician who is female could bring a lot to the table that hasn't been seen before. For example, it has been proven many times that women are much better at multitasking than men, and since multitasking is a critical part of the President's job (any politician's job really), this is an obvious benefit. Women are also generally more empathetic and understanding of those who are different than them, and female politicians (in general-- I'm not talking the insane Sarah Palins and the Michele Bachmanns here) are more open to hearing political opinions that come from the opposite party. Especially with the mess today's Congress is in, we really need more openminded politicians. Having more women in office could help this.

    A lot of the arguments on here cite the Bible and other religious texts for why women should not be political leaders. Seriously people? It's the 21st century. One of the biggest problems with this nation's politics is that many go against our country's principles and ignore the separation of church and state. Yes, that's right. There is a separation of church and state. Whatever your religious texts say simply does not matter in this regard. Oppress women all you want in your religious groups, but it goes against the Constitution to do so when it comes to women in politics. In other words: wake up and grow up.

  • Females have a good sense of recognition of the ways people can act.

    Females are more sensitive, focused, multitasking and they can spend time in one problem and then solved it before they go onto the next. They are able to deal with more than one problem at a time. There are many examples with the female presidents in various countries. If we can get rid of the double standard we would go really well.

  • Yes old white men have run out of ideas

    A female president is long over due. They tend to lean to social justice and compassion. Males do not. This is what we need today. Are we a nation of sheep or goats (matthew 25)? Right now we are goats. Greedy individuals that only think of themselves or how they can screw their neighbor. Time for a women to lead us.


    It's about representation. Living in a male dominated culture puts women in a position of marginalization. It's time to get different views, ideologies, and beliefs in the White House. All men have done is further damage America's integrity. It's time for a REAL change. It's time to give women the much deserved opportunity to lead, as we are BORN to do.

  • A woman has certain qualities our nation needs.

    We need a female president simply because our country is in a state in which only a woman's grace, compassion, loyalty, elegance, beauty, perfection, and desire for change could bring us back from the brink. Plus women are awesome and bring different things to the table. I'm male and I believe this. If she's a Democrat, all the better (Hillary for President!).

  • That is not their role!!!!

    Women should not be a president because thats not their role. Women should be protected not put in the heaps of stress and anxiety of a president. Men go to war, not women because women are delicate and fragile creatures who need to shaded with the protection of a real man. Read the bible too, it supports me.

  • It should be "America CAN have a female president" not NEED

    A president can be in any gender, as long as he/she is good. I'm not saying we should not have a female president, but the word "need" a female president sounds a bit sexist. That means, when Obama gets out of the office, if a man wants to become a president, he is not allowed to become one because "America needs a female president" or something.

  • Women, no way

    Some things in life are meant for women, and some things are just meant for men. God assigned a task to Adam ''the man'' and never assigned anything to Eve ''the woman." Ask yourself why. If we all go back to the basics of life we will have no problem deciding if a woman should be a president or not. Women should know their position and stop interfering in men's business. It will make a difference if a woman becomes president and its going to be a worse difference because that's just not her assignment.

  • Women in the work place & military need to MAKE A HOME

    Women in the work place & military ruins the home atmosphere, the nest of love, consideration, manners, ethics etc....I realize that our society has come to a point where it is in many cases necessary for both parties to work.
    The important things in life are God, home, family unit. Regular attendance at a church of your choice is of great importance. Christian, Jew, Seventh day Adventist, Mormon.

  • There is no " special" redeeming quality that a woman would bring to the office.

    This question is asked under the assumption that a woman would do a "better" job. What needs to be asked is if a woman would be just as effective as a man. The answer is of course yes. As a man pursuing a degree in nursing I ask that I be treated as one who can perform his nursing duties just as well as woman, not better than a woman.

  • No one "needs" anyone from any specific "group".

    The group you are born into has no valid bearing in of itself on whether or not you will doa good job at whatever it is you are doing. America doesn't "need" a woman president, it needs a good presidential candidate. Now if a woman comes along and is a good presidential candidate, then America needs THAT SPECIFIC WOMAN. But the blanket idea of "woman president = good" is complete and utter nonsense. America needs a woman president no more than it needs a white, middle aged, male president of wealthy birth.

  • It isnt a necessity..

    I dont see how the president simply being a woman would affect how good she is in office.. Im not opposed to a woman president, but im not going to go out of my way to vote for her simply because she is a woman, if her views matched up with mine, then sure, there is no reason why she shouldnt be in office. But the fallacy that just because she is a woman she will somehow solve all our problems is completely absurd

  • ?

    Why does it matter, both men ans women have rights hence we are equal so why would America 'need' a female president

  • We don't "need" a female President

    I believe that a President is one who is well-qualified. A President should not be based upon their gender or race. I am open to voting for a woman for President and have endorsed women in the past, but I do not believe that we "need" a female President.

  • No.

    While it would be nice for there to be a female president, like OberHerr said, it's not necessary.

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