Does America need a single-payer healthcare system?

  • Single-payer is a proven cost saver

    Single-payer would significantly reduce the healthcare burden on business. The U.S. Pays twice the GDP per individual as the second highest paying country, bringing that percentage down would make the U.S. More competitive. We'd also have the advantage of learning from and avoiding the mistakes of other countries. Single-payer would be more efficient in the massive reduction of paperwork on both insurance and insurees side. Single-payer encourages focus on quality control and effeciency.

  • Single payer should be adopted.

    A universal single payer health care system would be the best possible solution for the American health care issues. While such systems in place in countries such as the United Kingdom have had their problems, the amount and level of care available within them make our current programs, even under Obamacare, look shameful.

  • Absolutely, absolutely not.

    Socialized health care places all fine imposition and enforcement of those fines on the government which allows the government to intrude EVEN MORE into out lives. Additionally, those who already have employer-provided health care (the MAJORITY of those insured) will not see any real difference and have essentially just endorsed a system that makes hard working people pay EVEN MORE in taxes to fund health care for other people. We working class already pay a huge sum to fund welfare and social security, medicaid amd medicare (which aren't going away, in case you didn't know). Why should we have to pay more?

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