• Yes, it is a very interesting sport.

    Soccer is becoming such a growing sport in the U.S. that i Have taken to calling it football instead of soccer, as a matter of fact, i despise the word soccer. It is an elegant yet tough sport with an set of rules and the talented players make it a blast to watch them "perform magic" with the ball at their feet, instead of in their hands, like in american football, basketball, etc. In addition, the fanbase of football (soccer) is a lot more respectful, intuitive, active, and loyal, i would say, then other sports. The support for some clubs is so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye. In addition, football (soccer) is actually a very popular sport, some of my friends who were never into soccer are now very intrigued by it and it was a very popular sport among my friends and I whilst i was growing up. To conclude, yes, Americans are becoming more and more open minded and interested in European soccer.

  • Yes, some Americans do care about Eureopean soccer.

    European Soccer has become increasingly popular to many Americans. Teams like Manchester United, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC have a growing fan base in the United States. This has become evident by the amount of television coverage of soccer games on our major sports channels. Also, many Americans use their social media accounts to post content supporting their favorite European soccer teams.

  • Most do not

    Most Americans do not care about European Soccer. Euro Soccer has started, and not much Americans watch it, mostly Europeans, because Americans mostly watch their sports in their TV. Do Americans watch Korean Baseball? No. Therefore, probably, not much Americans will watch European Soccer the European Countries people do. Word.

  • No, I do not think that Americans really care about European soccer.

    No, I do not think that Americans really care about European soccer because the United States has a lot of different sports leagues that Americans prefer to follow. In addition, soccer isn't the most watched sport in America. The sports world in America is dominated by basketball, American football and baseball, and this is shown by the success of the MLS in comparison to the other sports leagues.

  • No, Americans care more about American sports than they do about European soccer.

    While there are many in America who do follow European soccer, as a whole Americans are far more interested in American football, basketball and baseball. Fans have a rooting interest in the teams from their cities and states and that close geographic connection gives Americans a vested interest in their favorite teams. Most Americans can name several football teams and several professional athletes by name but could not name a single European soccer player or even come up with a European soccer team name.

  • No, I do not think that America really cares about European soccer.

    No, I do not think that America really cares about European soccer because America has the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS. There are a lot of sports leagues in the United States that Americans are more passionate about. Although soccer is the world's most popular sport, in America the MLS is the fifth most popular league behind the NHL. Americans care more about American sports and less about European soccer.

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