Does Angela Merkel have a good Immigration Policy?

Asked by: DocMan
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  • Her policy was horrible

    She allowed 1 million people most of whom were young men, into her country and since then crime has risen dramatically. According to the European commission 60% of the people who came to European 2015 were economic migrants and not refugees. 70% were men. The people who came in, most of whom did not need to, put such a strain on the system and took so many resources that they likely will never pay back. Most of the migrants who came to Germany were uneducated and a good percentage were illiterate. According go a police report leaked to German newspaper bild, migrants committed 208,344 crimes in 2015. And according to Statista, the German statistics agency, half of all crimes committed in Germany are solved. This means that 1 million migrants committed 400,000 crimes. Mass immigration has risen crime and strained the system . At the same time it is not helping people who need help, as most migrants are not refugees.

  • Angela Merkel does a great Neville Chamberlain.

    Quite the impressionist, she is. Neville Chamberlain made deals with the devil despite all signs pointing against it. The whole world was plunged again into war and his country suffered greatly. ISIS has stated clearly they will infiltrate civilized countries by hiding among "refugees". No one has any right whatsoever to enter a sovereign nation in which they do not hold citizenship. Chamberlain Redux is welcoming mass murderers with open arms.

  • This Open Door Policy can use a bit more work...

    The idea of saving people from failed states like Syria and Iraq is an amazing idea, on paper at least. The open door policy, the policy Germany adopted, hasn't been working out. Since people can go into their country unchecked, most aren't even from war-torn nations. Most are also economic migrants (this has been proven) who also aren't suffering from the war. Due to this disastrous policy, anti-Semitism has spiked all over Europe, and terror attacks occur every few months. What do you guys think?

  • Merkel delusional and confused

    This confused and delusional woman needs to be voted out of ASAP if Germany is to be spared from becoming a Muslim nation. Islam states that this is their goal for all countries. When this happens, the lights will go out on Western Civilization and there will be no other accepted religion except Islam.

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