• Think of the future folks.

    I have thought in my life that i am only going to be alive for maybe 80 years, so why care about anything? Nothing really matters. But when you think that way, you are being selfish, i was selfish. There are going to be people on this planet after us. Just because they will not be around when we live, doesn't mean they aren't going to be in the same place as us. We have to have respect for future generations and make sure that the Earth we live on today will be an even better place for them to live in tomorrow.

  • Not provable; value is a choice

    I assume that by "matters" you mean "is of importance" or "has significance".

    While you can argue that nothing matters by stripping any argument to the contrary down to its axioms and demanding proof of them, this doesn't really suit any constructive purposes. Things (in the broadest sense, including relationships, emotions, etc.) matter because we attach value to them, and their value cannot be definitively proven unless the sides can agree that SOMETHING has value in the first place (the unprovable premise).

    I choose to live a life that ascribes value to things, accepting axioms like "happiness matters" as just that: an axiom -- unprovable, but accepted by me.

  • Choice and the right to make unwise decisions/choices.

    We all make a choice to behave/make the choices we do.....And this matters even if we do not recognize this at the time or ever.

    We are all transient travellers on this planet.

    We human beings, need to take our heads out of our arses and start being more considerate to every living thing on this amazingly, wonderful planet. To date, humans have achieved many astounding things. But, we have still not grasped how to, on a mass scale, consistently treat sentient beings with kindness and tolerance.

    Planet Earth and its inhabitants is, so far, strange and unique in this solar system. The ability to sustain life and repair damage done to ourselves is nothing short of amazing.

    However, humans are accelerating our own and its destruction on a catastrophic scale.

    The desire for profit and unimaginable power & wealth of a few million individuals/families/companies presents as being, all that matters. How ironic that it isn't, in the grand scheme of things.

    We all have some kind of choice. What is yours?

  • If nothing mattered then why bother even living?

    Seriously the people saying no down there honestly come off as seriously depressed individuals because crap in there life did not go there way. I find their argument weak because they keep repeating the same pattern of "on the grand scale of the Universe" or "on the grand scale of things" nothing matters. Yet they don't take into the account just how rare as a whole life is in our part of the Universe for one thing. The other thing that's frequently not taken into account is the single most important thing they frequently leave out and it's ironically the most simplest one.Families and communities because nothing matters more then family. Family is where nearly everyone started and for those who have a broken family or a dysfunctional family, I'm sorry but going back to previous arguments on here, it's either time to reassess what you values and actually go receive help because that in itself is a matter or you can go back to being sad sacks and guzzling down copious amounts of alcohol or whatever it is you do and continue believing nothing matters while frequenting the Internet.

  • Of course things matter

    To say nothing matters is definitely dangerous thinking. What would stop you from doing something wrong, immoral, offensive or just evil. Its in my opinion that we have a soul and once the body dies, our soul leaves our body and lives on forever. Our soul is eternal and the fate of our soul matters. Tedious events in our lives don't matter like waiting in line or a traffic jam. I've always felt like our lives were merely a test, of suffering and pain, of love and compassion, we make decisions good or evil. If you choose to live a life of nihilism and cynicism then your cheating yourself and dooming humanity in which you partake in. If your reading this then you must be alive and deciding on if you agree or disagree does that matter? A lot of things don't matter but not does anything matter? Yes things matter.

  • Innocence matters & is cared about by softness.

    When we are first conceived, we are the same as innocence. No thoughts or beliefs have been formed, so what perception we have is free from conditioning - a place that is very holy & sacred, & important. Softness, or sweetness, is what cares & seeks out this state of innocence - a way of seeing that might be perceived in the way we feel about products, photos, culture & paraphernalia from around our birth date.

  • Practice some mindfulness

    If you're a mindful person, (you live in the moment), then yes things really do matter. People who are saying that nothing matters are anticipating their future, and the future of the universe. The future isn't right now, though. We have one life on this Earth, we are all beginners; learning from mistake to mistake. That's why it matters, so that one day we can leave this world a little better than it was when we entered it.
    To me, all i want to be in life is happy and to make others happy. And if i achieve that, then that definitely counts for something. You can't define meaning with the argument that one day this will end, because it mattered at the time, and that's all that counts.

  • By default yes.

    Nothing matters. No matter how much we accomplish as a race we will either cease to exist as the universe ends or we become meaningless as time approaches infinity. Anything divided by infinity is zero. An eternity erases all achievements. Nothing matters. But much like the fact that good is meaningless without bad. Nothing is meaningless without something. We cannot tell that nothing matters because there isn't anything to compare nothing to, other than more nothings. The way we see the world, EVERYTHING matters.

    Everything matters because nothing matters.

  • We create the notion that things have importance

    As long as we value things and deem them as important, then yes it matters. Some things that matter to some people dont to others. Also if you were being tortured it would defiantly matter to you. On the larger scale of things, it doesnt matter but individually it does. Life matters.

  • Does It Matter To You?

    There is only one way to know if something matters. You must ask yourself, does this matter to me? If you answer yes, then that something just happens to matter. If your answer is no, then that something does not matter. If you can say nothing matters, then nothing matters. If you can say everything matters, then everything matters. In order for anything to matter, there would have to be at least one thing that you felt mattered.

  • Unless life in this universe never ends, then nothing matters.

    Assuming that there is no afterlife, then on an individual basis, nothing matters. On a more societal basis, everything would only matter is life in general never ended. If every living thing were dead, all bad and good things that ever happened would essentially be erased. Considering the multiple theories that the universe will one day end, the idea that nothing matters is most likely true.

  • There is no significance in anything we do.

    The quality assigned to things that humans denote as "something to be mattered" is just another way we mask our fear of death. By assigning value to our daily meaningless activities, we fool ourselves once again into thinking that our lives have purpose, that by the time we die our lives will have somehow found significance. But there is none. In a hundred years, a thousand, a million years, the so-called achievements of today will be insignificant, a microscopic speck of dust flowing down the river of Time. Your entire life, the lives of everyone on this planet at this time, will just be similar specks of dust flowing down the same river. Even after humanity is wiped out and the sun has gone nova, destroying most of the traces of our existence; even after the last spacecraft sputters and eventually dies; even after the Universe has dissipated or collapsed in on itself; Time will go on, uncaring. Accept the end; it is inevitable. Buy the shoes. Eat that damn donut. Give into your inner darkness. In the end, it doesn't matter.

  • Nothing Really Mattress

    In the grand scheme of things, I don't think a whole lot really matters. Of course, there's that whole heat death of the universe thing. But I assume the question refers to our own lives and what we humans do. In that case, not really. We're just a dust speck in an infinitely large cosmos, and the effect we have on anything regarding the big picture is so insignificant that it may as well be nonexistent.
    Of course, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to live our lives to the fullest. Might as well make our short stay here as pleasant as we can.

  • Nothing technically matters but thinking makes it so

    Our human egos have us believe things matter
    everything is temporary nothing lasts forever so how can it matter
    when you die nothing matters anymore
    so i guess thinking makes you believe things matter
    its a weird question and tough to answer but this is kinda my opinion to it

  • Think Through Everything

    Ok you die we all know this but then people say it matters becasue we go to heaven, but no if you go to heaven what then? It will be eternal and might be great, but if it lasts forever its pointless its just over and over even if its amazing. And say everything just ends in blackness/nothingness then obviosly nothing matters there. And reincarnarion would be a endless cycle so again no purpose there and leaving a legacy it doesnt matter they will all doe too. If someone disagrees or has an argumant to this please reply

  • 'Anything' being everything and us, does not matter to Time as a concept

    'Does anything matter' to what?

    Do I matter to my mother? Yes.
    Do I matter to a bird in the sky? We can safely assume no.

    Whether something matters or not is a concept we have invented ourselves as human beings. Something has to matter to something else, otherwise it does not matter.

    Now assuming the word 'anything' in the question, means us as humans and everything in existence around us, we can also assume that the question means 'Does anything matter to time?', since time as a concept is the only thing other than 'anything'. The answer to this question by definition, is no, if everything in existence ceased to exist, time would go on, nothing matters to time.

    Now, we assign reason to everything we do and as such certain things we as humans do specifically DO matter in relation to other things.

    Does going to work matter? Yes, if we want to earn money
    Does eating food matter? Yes, if we want to survive

    It goes on and on...

  • Nothing We Do Matters

    Odds are we will just get a job we hate, that doesn't support the future, and most likely the second after we die, people will forget us. Why do anything when there is a good chance you will not do anything important to advancing our species, and because there were many generations that didnt even do anything, and we are one of those generations, too late to explore the planet, and too early to explore the galaxy. So why bother.

  • Ha hah ha

    Who cares about us insignificant humans. There's billions of us, you know? Will be billions more of us, after we're gone. Everything you do, no matter how big of an accomplishment it seems to you, is nothing when you look at the scale of everything. If you want to find meaning in this laughable existence, don't look outside of your home. Keep your nose down, away from the infinite amount of stars and emptiness and life and just focus on you. Because if you don't, you'll see that nothing matters. At all.

  • It only matters because we let it matter.

    Anything important is pretty much just our imagination. History is just repeating itself and humans are just trying to fit in to society. We could die at any moment but we spend out lives like we will live to be a hundred. We could all be chilling doing things that make us happy but as a group we chose to find importance in petty things so we feel like our lives have meaning. We were born into thinking these things matter and we need to do them to be "successful" but really we just convinced ourselves that.

  • There's no purpose

    What's the end goal? When will humanity be done in their quests? If we don't have an objective what's the point in playing the game? Life is just a chaotic struggle to make sense of everything. So in my opinion you either have to learn to forget about the chaos or embrace the chaos. There's no true victory in life. Only a serious of good and bad things. There's never an end. It's like writing all of Pi. There's no point. You'll never finish and you'll never be happy.

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simpleman says2013-09-05T04:44:55.727
Apparently something must matter for the question to be raised in the first place. I believe it is unrealistic to assume nothing matters, elsewise we should all be silent. Our answers mean nothing in that instance, so why would we even have the motivation to elicit a response?
Jokobomb says2016-02-03T18:28:12.500
We would like to think that our decisions matter, wouldn't we?