Does Apollo Quiboloy utilize brainwashing in his church?

  • Quiboloy is Brainwashing

    Without a doubt, Apollo Quiboloy has been proven to be a sick and demented person. He leads a so-called church that operates far more closely under the designation of a cult. Various claims of brainwashing by him have been brought forth by victims. Quibology should be imprisoned and his church torn to the ground.

  • Yes, he does.

    Every pastor or parishioner utilizes brainwashing to an extent. I think that Apollo Quiboloy is especially guilty of brainwashing his followers though. He says he is the appointed son of god and ropes in gullible followers to feed his own ego and pocket. He has also committed crimes such as kidnapping through his brainwashing and possibly murder.

  • I would say so.

    Apollo Quiboloy refers to himself as the "Appointed Son of God". I personally believe that Jesus is the son of God but, even if I did not hold onto those beliefs, I would have great difficulty believing that anyone else was God's child. Quiboloy does not help matters any by tarnishing his reputation. He has the reputation of not being a law abiding citizen. The God I believe in is very strict about following rules and being kind. Someone who leads an example to the contrary appears to be brainwashing his church in my opinion.

  • Apollo Quiboloy utilizes brainwashing in his church.

    Apollo Quiboloy utilizes brainwashing in his church. He is a very con-artist type of guy and very intelligent. The only way he could have gotten those people to go along with his plan was to brain wash them into thinking that his way was the only way. He is a very good liar.

  • He was a cult leader.

    Yes, Apollo Quiboloy utilized brainwashing in his church, because he had some very extreme teachings, and brainwashing his congregation was the only was that he could get people to go along with it. Quiboloy was very charming and engaging. He was also deceptive. He manipulated people, and with that brainwashing controlled them.

  • He is a man of honor and truth!

    I know him personally, and I salute him for his real commitment to God and his complete obedience to spiritual laws. What he says is truth and that truth is what he lives in, his followers follow him because they can see uprightness/righteousness in all his works. He practices what he preaches, he is not brainwashing but he sets a good example and that is why a lot of people follow him.

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