• Yes I do belive it does.

    Yes i do believe that in many cases art imitates life. the people who create the art often use what they see or observe as inspiration for their designs, paintings, pictures and architecture. This is the absolute definition of life imitating art, ones using what they see to create art.

  • Yes, all the time It does that . Even abstract and avant garde art has some element of life to be found in it.

    Art imitates life. Art most certainly imitates life. At the present I cannot think of any piece of art which hasn't imitated life in some way. That is the greatest thing about art. The fact that we are able to relate to it is most likely the reason art is so enjoyable to us. Even surrealist art is an imitation of life, as dreams are a part of life. Artists see the world subjectively, but their unique visions always speak to some element of the human experience .

  • Yes, art is a reflection of what transpires in the society.

    It will be right to say that art in entirety derives its theme from day-to-day occurrences in life, every type of art has life in it. Artists seek to deliver different messages to the art lovers or evoke different feelings by using art; in other words they get their inspiration from life's real experiences.

  • No it does

    How can art imitate life. It's a form of expression. It can depict anything the imagination allows it to. Art could be interpreted as a reflect of one's personality, but definitely not imitate life. Everyone who creates art is different, and therefore each individual piece of art from each individual artist is different

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