• Yeah, where else would Kanagroos come from?

    1. Kangaroos exist (Actually they might be a myth, but let's assume they exist and those silly Australians weren't lying)
    2. Kangaroos are native to Australia
    3. In order to be native to Australia, Australia must first exist.
    4. Kangaroos exist and are native to Australia
    5. Therefore Australia exists.

    Thank you, thank you.

  • Most Certainly, Good Sir

    If not, where do the kangaroos come from? Answer me that! Is Steve Irwin a Martian, if Australia does not exist? What about the platypi, echidnas, dingos, wallabies, Australians, etc?

    I also submit that MassiveDump actually does have a soul, otherwise he wouldn't be so amusing.

    And I submit that this topic is bigoted against Australians, and move for it to be closed.

  • Please. Please be joking.

    I am trying to figure out whether you're all being sarcastic or not. Seriously, is our world really filled with self-absorbed, obnoxious, narrow minded fools? REALLY???? I hate the world already as it is, PLEASE don't give me another reason to hate it. Of course Australia exists, I'm in Australia RIGHT NOW, on my laptop IN AUSTRALIA, with an AUSTRALIAN accent, genuinely trying to figure out whether you're all joking. Please, for the love of God, tell me you are!! T.T

  • Yes it absolutely exists. I have lived there.

    This can't be serious right? What kind of an ignorant question is this?
    I have been to Australia and lived there for about a year. Yes Kangaroos do exist. I have seen, touched, and fed them at the petting zoo. I don't even know why I'm spending time arguing this topic.
    If you don't believe if Australia exists, why don't you buy a plane ticket and visit the place.
    Visit the local zoos and see the kangaroos for yourself.

  • Yes it exists!

    Of course Australia is real country. It is a country with culture, filled with its accents, food, and kangaroos. We are 200% sure that it should be real. U.N. investigators have looked deep into its geography and did some expeditions into Australia itself. They have concluded, it be right under Germany!

  • Currently Living In Australia

    Just like to say YES Australia does exist.. I've been living here ever since I was born and would like to say that it is a beautiful place and I'm proud of where I come from. If you don't believe that Australia does exist you've obviously never taken a Geography class. And by the way we don't stand upside down. We stand up just like the rest of you.

  • Of course Australia exists!

    If Australia didn't exist then why am I sitting here right now at school with my friends on my laptop. Australia has a POPULATION OF 22 MILLION! I live here and I know for a fact that it is 100% real. And no. I am not an actor hired by the government. Seriously get a life.

  • I really hope you all are joking...

    How can a normal modern day civilised human being be so stuck in a rut that they do not have the common sense to acknowledge an Allied country.
    I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at ur insane stupidity.. Honestly all you narrow minded and arrogant people.. Are you drunk? Or have you been living with your head in the sand? If not... Are you on drugs? Because i sure hope you have something to blame your dumb ass ideas on!!!
    Get a life ... And a brain... And a plane ticket to come and have a true and Amazing authentic Australian experience to prove to you how wrong u were!

  • Australia does exist

    Hahahaha.... Oh this is hilarious. What on earth??? Quite literally!!!!! How dumb can people be?? It is sad!!! Honestly, have you even had an education??? Of course Australia exists!!!!!! We are a real country... That fought with the Allies in World War One and Two... We also have served in Vietnam and Afghanistan.
    Please, I beg of you, do your research before you start making arguments about a half-baked idea...!!!

  • Please be jokeing

    Of course its real I really hope all of you who are saying NO are just kidding. Australia is a government conspiracy? You have to be kidding me, I can't even wrap my head around such trolling. "How does Australia not fall off the globe." I have lived in Australia for many years, if seeing is believing then believe me.

  • As an Australian, I can say with all confidence, that Australia does not exist.

    I lived there for 2 years, then a finally came out of my coma. Check mate atheiests. Although good ole' Tony 'Boat Destroyer' Abbott has got a nice pair of smooth criminals down under.

    Kangaroos are just overgrown chickens, do not believe the australian fallacy.

    Check mate creationsists.

    2 More Words Needed

  • No It Doesn't

    Australia does not exist because Hugh Jackman isn't even real and it does not show up on this map about the formation of fold mountains and it shows that Australia isn't even real. Germany isn't real either. Nothing is real. Wat is life. Damn you fake kangaroos and Australians! Grr.

  • I honestly clicked this because of how stupid it is

    I like american cheese. Fuck this thing. It is one of the most stupid things to debate i have ever heard of. It is honestly scary how daft people can be if they think australia doesnt fucking exist. I have family in australia and they have a pet kangaroo. A dingo ate my cousin. The end.

  • Global Government Conspiracy

    The U.S. & U.K. Governments suffered a bout of maniacal crisis wherein they created terrifying new species of beast, and various mutant humans. Frightened of their own creations, & of their potential discovery, the govs shipped these monstrosities to a large purchased landmass, Australia. The government & culture of Australia do not exist. All who think they've visited or been born there have merely been in a small purchased section of New Zealand, fenced off from the rest of that island.

  • To good to be real

    Australia is a fairy tale to be told to gullible children at bed time, how is it possible to believe that Australians exsist, ordinary people who really engage in community spirit, people who believe that you work to live not live to work, who dont have to pay for medical services and can live without owning guns.
    Its just not possible for a country to exsist under these terms so the only thing I can say is it can't exist, it is a fairy tale told by polititions to give us hope when we have none!

  • Australia is not an island, it's just light!!

    Australia is simply mishap in the maps. In all the maps you read today, the supposed 'Australia' is bright yellow. Also the size and shape of this 'island' is the close equivalent of the reflection of the sun off the blue ocean. If there was an island all I can say is I don't recall anyone who has lived there, much less BEEN there! I have gathered evidence to show that Australia is not an island at all, but just light. The actual meaning of Australia is southern and/or northern lights, or the Aurora Borealis. ( )
    This clearly proves that Australia is nothing but light, created by the reflection of the sun and the southern lights make the area on the maps to be shown, and named after the lights themselves; Austrailia.

  • No, it can't exist.

    Australia is on the opposite side of the planet, completely opposite to us, in America. Unless you assume that the world is flat (which some of you pro-Australia people probably do), that means they would be on the bottom of the Earth. Assuming that Australia DID exist, wouldn't they all fall off the planet since gravity makes us fall down?


  • I Bloody live in Australia so RACK OFF

    I live there so I Know that it is real and that it is not fake because I was born here and have lived all my life here.
    Me and my friends find all you idiots crazy and soo ignorant that you think we don't exist so we challenge you to comment

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  • Just ask a scientist...

    First, I need to let you in on a secret; as any member of the scientific community will tell you reluctantly after the minimum of 43 continuous hours of torture as mandated by The Code of the Atheist Brotherhood (Article XII, "Confidentiality"; section 4, "When to Violate"), all factual, scholarly papers and textbooks have government mandated facades, and in order to reveal their actual content, one must stand on a bucket and balance a glass of chocolate milk on the head while reciting God Save the Queen backwards (not the word order backwards, like as if you were to play it backwards.)
    Once you perform this ritual on any work claiming to be by and Australian or Australian university, you will find that they are credited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
    This doesn't seem strange at first glance... Until you remember Hogwarts is in the Scotland, not Australia! Hogwarts' frequent concealment of its identity in the academic community is understandable due to the school's history of corruption and violence, but why are they the only ones that use the pen name of this so-called 'Australia'.

    What about the extensive works about this country that isn't sure if it's a commonwealth, continent, island, or all of the above?
    If you perform the ritual on any of these texts, you will find they are either conspiracy theories about 'inside jobs' or homosexual erotic poetry regarding various literary characters. Occasionally, though, you will find a work that actually mentions the Land Down Under, but each of these are credited jointly to the London School of Economics and Harvard University, and, as we all know, Harvard and London School of Ec are full of Illuminati-controlled communist wing-nuts.

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GWL-CPA says2013-05-28T01:56:29.573
Children trolls, they are not needed at this site. There is nothing funny about this post. It is just plain stupid. Anyone that thinks it is cool is also a stupid punk, just like imabench and MassiveDump. It is sad that there are so many immature little punks at this site.
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T01:58:02.813
Either argue something coherent, or stop talking.
GWL-CPA says2013-05-28T15:20:07.080
There is nothing to argue you dumb slug.
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T21:30:03.570
Apparently there is, or this wouldn't have to be debated :P

If you don't like this question so much, stop clicking back to it, O wise porkchop.
Babeslayer says2013-05-28T22:53:10.017
I hate my generation so much
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T23:58:42.137
Your generation hates you too.
Babeslayer says2013-05-29T03:22:39.637
MassiveDump says2013-05-30T22:43:37.353
Boom. All the stupid opinions have magically disappeared.
newbiehere says2013-06-01T03:33:10.707
I never thought I'd say this to a massive dump, but you are currently my hero.
MassiveDump says2013-06-01T13:05:14.953
*informal salute*
markuswashere says2013-07-14T11:30:32.610
So this is what constitutes comedy now? Charles Chaplin must be rolling in his grave.
MassiveDump says2013-07-14T16:48:24.320
Hey guys, I think sweetbreeze might live in Australia, but it's just a guess.
Anonymous says2013-07-22T08:52:12.677
This is actually ridiculous. You can't claim that a country doesn't exist, simply for the same reasons that God apparently doesn't exist, whether he does, or not.
MassiveDump, you are honestly an idiot... I almost feel bad for insulting you, except for the fact that you are sounding eerily similar to a 6 year old right now. Really... This whole is obviously a great, big sarcastic joke. The ones who said 'no' also need to grow up.
TheInterlang says2013-09-23T03:34:54.573
Are you serious? I've seen people from Australia before. They are white blond-hair people with exaggerated loud British accents. Surely no one would be Australian unless they actually were. What is this nonsense about Australia falling off? The Earth is a globe; technically there is no "down" and gravity comes from the center.
GovernorHotham says2017-07-03T11:45:01.987
This argument is a Catastrophe
Would they fake a Countries existence for a few good laughs?
No. It is real
Cameron_P says2018-03-06T01:16:00.177
It's hilarious how many people in the comment section either
1. Don't get the joke whatsoever
2. Don't like the joke.
Honestly, I can't see why there would be backlash against a post as funny as this. There's an entire section for humor on this website, so obviously this isn't against the rules. And this is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. It may not be coherent, in your opinion, but it follows the rules. And personally, I think humor does in fact have a place on this website. Anybody who outright consider the people who are responding to be "ridiculous" or "inconsiderate" should probably take a step back.