• It's sad, but true.

    Unfortunately, those are conventionally considered "attractive" will have an easier time in school and at work. People will not only gravitate toward them, they will be seen as having more worth. It sounds awful, and it is, but those who are considered unattractive will suffer and strive to prove themselves through their achievements - as everyone should - unlike "the beautiful ones" who will live in glory simply because of their physical beauty.

  • Of course it does.

    It's an unfortunate fact, but all studies indicate that people who are attractive are perceived as more intelligent, more capable of leadership qualities, and even serve less time for crime after being convicted than non-attractive people. Also, people are more likely to help attractive people in need, hire them for jobs, and just generally give them the benefit of the doubt. It is unfortunate, but appearance is arguably the most important part of making a first impression on someone, since they haven't had time to get to know you, and first impressions can make/break virtually any relationship, be it romantic, professional, or platonic. Honestly, I believe it's naive to think otherwise, because I would find it hard to believe that anyone would agree if the question was "Does being ugly make life easier?".

  • Yes. But in the long run we all turn wrinkly.

    I do have to admit that earlier in life being attractive makes life infinitely easier, especially if you are a girl. Just think about the hell that unattractive girls have to face in high school, because they weren't pretty enough to get asked to the school dance. On the other side of the coin, unattractive boys don't have it easy either. I personally know that it isn't fun to watch other guys cycle through 3 or 4 girlfriends while you sit there and wonder why you can't even get one. Pretty women marry men with great jobs that give them an easy life. If you're an attractive man you still have to provide. If you want the easiest life possible, then just be an attractive woman. The only problems they have is if their is carbs in their $50 that they bought with their husbands credit card. But ugly people such as myself don't fret, those attractive people will become old just like us. At least we have something in common I guess.

  • From childhood to adulthood

    Good looking kids have more friends and get used to have people smiling at them. That makes a good feedback to boost their confidence. Being older, they have both self-confidence and good looks, being that a clear advantage competing with other people in relationships, jobs, careers, etc. This shouldn't be a debate as it is a fact! The debate should be, should they be subject of beauty taxation?

  • Yes,yes it does

    If you were to pick witch one would you pick ugly and mean or buetiful and mean "I would pick buetiful and mean". Or you could think of it this way if you were to choose witch one would it be ugly and nice or beautiful and nice I would pick beautiful and nice just me.

  • Yes,yes it does

    If you were to pick witch one would you pick ugly and mean or buetiful and mean "I would pick buetiful and mean". Or you could think of it this way if you were to choose witch one would it be ugly and nice or beautiful and nice I would pick beautiful and nice just me.

  • Absolutely, no question about it.

    Its just the way it is. Its the most basic form of appearance. It take less than 10 seconds to recognize someones looks and most of the time it can make all the difference. It is universal to everything, whatever situation you are in. Its the sad truth, unfortunately for some.

  • Without any doubt.

    I have been suffering all my life because of my unattractive looks, mainly in terms of credibility. Being short and ugly has always make me feel like I have to strive the double in order to accomplish anything. People don't tend to be naturally nice to me and it has been make painfully clear to me that looks do almost all the game. I have achieved happiness in terms of personal affairs but professionally I'm still very far away. Looks count more than skills and that just plain sucks.

  • I would say this is true.

    It is. People respond better to more attractive people either in school, social outings or even business world. Imagine two people are evenly qualified for a job, person 1 is tall, attractive and everyone will notice this person when they walk in, person 2 is short, overweight and would commonly be perceived as unattractive, who do you think gets the job? I haven't conducted any research or been in this situation but I would be willing to bet person 1 will get the job. Or same people but one forgot their wallet while paying at a pub. Who is more likely getting their drink?

  • The effects of beauty on Victory

    Beauty is not everything and it certainly does not define a person , but it does increase their chances of success . I mean look at Sofia Vergara she is a gorgeous tv actress who happens to be the richest in the world for the third consecutive year , while other female tv actors on her show modern family bring home an average / high salary home. And they are not bombshells like her . Obviously, there are outliers who fall out of this line I am creating but you have to take a moment to think . Is it really a coincidence ?

  • "ugly" or "pretty" life is gonna be hard

    If you're "pretty" think of the standard that you have to live up to.
    People will require more of you in terms of appearance. For exams a blue eyed blond 5'9 110lbs girl will have a lot on her plate, many will expect her to model for vogue or something or be the cheerleader leading out at a rally. They have soo much expected of them, also one would expect a guy of equal standing next to her because he is so beautiful too.

    But an "ugly" girl she doesn't have to worry about all the troubles and expectations that the "pretty" girl has to go through

  • Confidence Booster >.<

    Having beauty on the outside can attract many people, who just might even ask you on a date. You may be able to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, and have a high self-esteem. But someone with such speechless beauty, who is deceitful, disloyal, conceited, and stubborn just takes away everything. If you are NOT beautiful on the inside, then neither are you on the outside as well.

  • Depends on the definition.

    We all have different ideas of attraction, some people like muscles others like fat, some like blondes, some like brunettes, others like brown skin or like white skin or asian. The definition of attraction is too vague, what we consider attractive now will probably be ugly in the future generations.

  • Sometimes, it can be hard to be attractive

    Hi, I live in South Korea!! I'm doing my homework for my teacher. I hope you enjoy my essay. My name is Reyna and I'm a 6th grader. Here in Korea, even if you are pretty, handsome, beautiful, and attractive, people mostly see peoples' personality, intelligence, and talent. Also, there are a lot of Korean stories that explains why. For example, there are ' the woodcutter and the fairy'. You can search for that story in the internet. Ooops!! Mom's coming!! Bye~~

  • No filter in the gravitational pull

    True being attractive gravitates people towards you but usually not the right people. Members of the opposite sex who show interest in you purely based of the way you look probably don't care about the person you are on the inside or want to get to know you, they just want to use you to boost their own self esteem. Certain people also hold negative views about attractive people where as they don't for less attractive for example two women could be wearing the same skirt as part of there school or work uniform. Ones slim and has nice legs where as the other is on the larger side, certain(not all) men will make assumptions like she's wearing a short skirt she must be a slut and this can led to sexual harassment for the attractive girl where as the less attractive person doesn't have to deal with that kind of unwanted attention and is treated with more respect because they didn't gravitate this kind of attention. In the worst case scenario attractive people can gravitate people who wish to harm them either out of jealousy or a sick perverted mind, you could catch the eye of some mental stalker while walking down the street minding your own business and end up being assaulted/murdered by a psychopath for no other reason than they liked the way you look, where as if they thought you were unattractive you'd of been left alone/safe.

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