• If the word "bisexuality" exists, people do as well.

    If bisexuals didn't exist then, where did you get that "bisexual" word? Why bother ask or post something like this if it doesn't exist. Of course it exists. I have a lots of friends who are bisexual. I guess they just love the life they live and deserved the things they have now.

  • The concept of a human loving a person for who they are is its greatest in bisexuality

    Yes there are many bisexual posers and people who believe they're bisexual but would never date the same gender, but there are still true bisexuals out there. For me, as I am bisexual. I have the thought that gender is nothing should it really matter what gender a person is? Love shouldn't be stopped but such a silly thing. Bisexual people are usually (not always) very open for they usually (again not always) will listen to anyone about there problems. Sometimes a person may become bisexual because they find more comfort in both sexes instead of just the opposite sex.

  • Of course it does

    I've met bisexual people, been friends with two bisexual people, read about people who happen to be bisexual, and social studies and statistics on demographics include information regarding bisexuals.

    I believe some people doubt the existence of bisexuality either because it is less common than homosexuality, let alone heterosexuality, or because they find it easier to accept clear divisions into two groups (part of the same reason homosexuals are often stereotyped as so different from heterosexuals).

  • There is only grey

    There are no certainties, and all people live their lives somewhere between being straight and gay to varying degrees. There is no question of this; it isn't some unknown question 'out there', it's a state of being that nobody chooses, and we're thrust at different positions. It is naive to dismiss large proportions of people who identify themselves in the middle of this spectrum.

  • Too many posers, but true bisexuals are out there.

    I'm bisexual and I know I exist. I get constantly told that I'm a homosexual that's too scared to come out as gay and I'm using bisexuality as a shield, or that I'm heterosexual and trying to seem cool. I get told I'm a fence sitter, that I haven't "chosen" a side yet, that it's a phase I'll grow out of, that I must be a nymphomaniac, and a lot of other ridiculous sort of things. I don't understand why some people find it so hard to believe that a human being can be attracted to both genders, because I don't always understand how you cannot be attracted to a beautiful person.

  • Why wouldn't it?

    If being gay is possible (which it is) and being straight is possible (which it is), then it only makes sense for bisexuality also to be possible. Being bisexual doesn't mean you're both gay/lesbian AND straight, neither does it mean that you like boys and girls exactly 50/50. It means that you are attracted to both boys and girls. It's that simple.

  • I am bisexual

    I've been in committed relationships with both men and women. I've been dating the same guy for two years. I still experience attraction to men and women. I've known I was bi since I was 14. I have other bisexual friends as well. It's pretty simple really. There are so many of us. I don't understand why people think bisexuality isn't a thing??

  • I have known since I was twelve

    If bisexuality isn't real how do I exist? If bisexuality isn't real what does it mean when I have crushes on both men and women? Real bisexuals exist and you know what they are ALLOWED to be slutty or indecisive or sleep around or whatever because we do not exist to fit your narrow-minded definition of what bisexuality is and we do not exist to prove our existence to you

  • Personality over Parts

    I find it weird that everyone isn't bi. You all claim to love people for who they are yet they must meet physical requirements? Maybe the body is the initial attraction and the personality is what keeps you there. I don't know I'm not straight/gay. What I do know is that I take people into consideration despite whatever gender they are.
    And to people who say in not really bi because I've been with more people of the opposite sex, guess what, there are MORE STRAIGHT PEOPLE THAN GAY. Ever done probability in maths? If 60 red marbles and 11 blue marbles are in a bag, chances are you'll pick a red one.

  • Um it does exist unless half the people I know have ceased existing

    Both I and my friend are bi and we sure as hell exist. It is possible to be attracted to both. Not all Bi people are gays in transition . We actually join straights in hating these people because they demoralize the rest of us. Another thing that should be obvious we're one sad species there are thousands of homosexual species and only one that has homophobia. So who's unnatural the homosexual or the homophobes

  • No one is 50/50 sexual. One leans toward one sexuality over the other therefore true bisexuality (50/50) does not exist.

    True bisexuality would mean that a person has absolutely no preference to what gender they have sex with. This is untrue. "Bisexuals" have a bias, however so small, for one sex over the other. I think in most cases, a "bisexual" is a confused homosexual who has not determined which preference they will stick with.

  • Not for men

    These are my fifty words supporting the above statement. After meet thousands of people in my 26 years of existence, and hundreds of gay men, I have never met a bonafide, actual, bisexual man. Proof enough for me, and proof enough for my friends who have experience the exact same thing.

  • Impossible to be bisexual.

    No one is 50/50 sexual. One leans toward one sexuality over the other, and therefore true bisexuality (50/50) does not exist.

    True bisexuality would mean that a person has absolutely no preference as to what gender they have sex with. This is untrue. "Bisexuals" have a bias, however small, for one sex over the other. I think in most cases, a "bisexual" is a confused homosexual who has not determined which preference they will stick with.

    Plus if we were meant to be bisexual then we would have both male and female parts. We are male and female. The two go together. Females have the eggs, and males have the sperm to fertilize the egg. It is meant to be either male or female.

  • They don't exist.

    Bisexual is the reason why more and more people are getting divorced. Are you suggesting these people to marry both genders ? Because that's impossible and illegal unless you're a believer in Islam. Even in Islam, one can have many wives but that's it, it's also limited to one gender.

  • No Scriptural Support

    Nowhere in Judaeo-Christian Scripture do you find evidence for it. In Levitical law you will find only sodomy, heterosexuality, and bestiality being discussed. It is a fairly recent concept from as early Da Vinci and the arguments for it fall apart under closer logical scrutiny. Someone claiming bisexuality is usually an insecure or indecisive sodomite/heterosexual.

  • Bisexuality is not possible

    I have nothing against anyone who identifies as bisexual, to be clear. However, I believe people who claim to be attracted to both men and women are just confused about their sexuality. To be sexually attracted to someone is a biologically hardwiring for us so that we have kids. That's the truth. When you're gay or lesbian, there is a psychological difference from the norm. (Though these differences aren't bad) However, how can it be possible that you are somehow psychologically hardwired to like both men and women? Feelings of sexual attraction to someone are caused by surges of hormones that cause arousal. (this sounds weird, but bear with me) In gay/lesbian people, the psychological difference means these surges happen in an opposite way. However, do you know how much of a psychological difference (and what a specific difference) would be needed to create someone who gets surges from both men and women? The thing is, the surge in a straight woman comes from a man. This psychological state exists already. That's why it is less farfetched for a man to be gay, because the psychological state already exists. I think people who identify as bisexual are confusing emotional attachment and sexual attraction.

  • Bisexuality isn't real!

    Even if given concrete proof that someone who claims a bisexual identity isn't just a sex addict in hiding, I still wouldn't believe it and never will. Let's remove the b from lgbt. It isn't a real identity. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise. 100& gay man here. The end.

  • Very overused term

    It's become trendy to be bisexual. Actually being bi is very rare, fewer than 10% probably. U can sleep with men women but doent mean ur bi. Most bisexuals are either gays who are scared of coming out or straight girls who think being bi is sexy. Being attracted equally to men and women is very rare

  • Bisexuality does exist

    It means your attracted to both, but the thing is, you can like both. If you lean towards men a little more then women, you can still like men same goes if you like men more. Its not going to erase the fact that you still like both. People have preferences and that goes for everything. We all have types and preferences we prefer sexually, bisexuals just apply it to both the same and opposite gender.

  • I'm bi and I exist!

    I'm bisexual. I don't like all females, nor do I like all males. I have a taste in men and a taste in woman, but I would never date two people at the same time. To me, I am slightly genderblind, meaning it doesn't matter to me if you are female or male, I'm going to fall inlove with you because I'm attracted to you physically, mentally and spiritually. I don't speak for all bisexuals though, some may be different but basically if you like two genders you are bisexual.

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