• You will never finish reading them

    There are so many laws and regulations already in existence that one could never finish reading all of them because of the rate at which the new ones are being created. There is the federal level, provincial level and local level laws, regulations, amendments, repeals, by-laws, each with exemptions, notes, indexes, definitions, references to other statutes and most with complicated legal terms that you cannot understand.Now, all these laws may not apply to you, but you do need to read them in order to make sure they don't apply. So, in order to "know" the laws of your country, province and city/borough/town/village/locality you need to read ALL of them, so you make sure you are not a criminal. Now, all those laws together are about 50-100k pages every year. That is roughly 150 to 250 pages per day. That is the equivalent of reading a heavy book EVERY DAY!
    Now, even if this was feasible, the sheer volume of detail and minutia that is in those bills and regulations would make your brain hurt. I am willing to bet anyone that there is no person in Canada that has never broken a law, regulation, and especially a city by-law. If you don't believe me, check it out on the official websites where they list all the laws.

  • Canada does not have too many laws.

    Canada does not have too many laws, and no one complains that it has too many. In fact, thousands of people come to Canada every year because it is such a nice place to live, and because it's a great place to study or do business. Canada's laws are generally popular.

  • No, Canada does not have too many laws

    The obvious "well one of their cities elected a crack smoking mayor so no, I think they're pretty lenient" joke aside, no, Canada is not encumbered with too many laws. The country seems to largely function how it should, it certainly functions better than its neighbor to the south at the moment.

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