• Circumcision is emasculating

    Circumcised beta-males like to tell themselves that "the foreskin serves no purpose". A few hours of study proves otherwise. U.S. studies are politically motivated outliers when compared to the diversity of research available from across the globe.

    What's the solution? Educate yourself, share the knowledge, and father a child without mutilating his penis.

  • No, it is like taking out an appendix.

    No, circumcision does not produce beta-males, because the foreskin serves no function whatsoever. It is similar to taking out a child's tonsils, or taking out their appendix on the day they are born. For most people, it is done for religious regions, but it is also easier to keep the body clean, and some people circumcise in order to conform to others. It doesn't make a difference.

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