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  • Think of the children!

    Not only do bigger classrooms create a distraction, but they interfere with learning. If you have any students with learning or social disabilities, they will not get as much one-on-one time with teachers. Also, teachers may get stressed because if there is less one-on-one time with teachers, some parents will become angry. If there are more students, more can get in trouble, causing stress for parents, teachers, and even other students.

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  • This is very important

    Class size does matter because when you are in your early years, too many people around you can cause you to become distracted and you won't be focused. This can also help teachers learn more about their students and how they can personalized how they teach the students. Without the class size being large kids will not be knowing what they are learning. Then they can understand what is happening better. It's like getting tutored. The more individualized it is the more you will understand, know, and get the topic better. Class size does matter in order for kids in America to achieve academically

  • Yes of course!

    Yes, kids get more individualization and achievement. They also get better grades, because they are more focused. There is a better environment, quiet and focusing is key. Almost all kids that grow up in small class sizes achieve more in life academically. The one on one experience is good for all kids.

  • Yes, smaller class sizes would benefit education

    I think smaller class sizes would benefit education because the students would get more "one-on-one" learning with the teacher of the class. Also the students are more likely to participate in class activitys and discussions. If there is to much chaos and loud distractions in a learning environment the students would get stressed out.

  • Of course it matters

    Of course the size of a class matters! The smaller amount of students, the more individual attention the teacher will be able to give. When I went to school, my class had 31 students, and there was NO individual attention unless someone misbehaved. If a student missed or misunderstood something, they didn't even bother to ask a question because the teacher was too busy.

  • Class size does not matters

    Class size dose not matters because children come in schools for studying and learning new things. Children do not have a problem in the studying so why do parents have ?

    So the moral is we should just see that our children is comfortable with big size class or small size class only

  • Class size does not matter.

    Although class size improves education for kids, it is about the quality of the teacher to depend on the students' learning. It can be a new teacher with 60 students, and a reliable teacher with 6 students. Also, group work and cooperation would affect kids if there are only 6 kids. Class size does not matter because according to the Huffington Post, records have shown that students work better with 30 students than 20 students.

  • no it doesn't matters in education

    Class room size does nt matter because there are still so many schools where the children's are taught their lessons outside the class because of the lack of class rooms available.But students still learn there ...The only thing needed in education is the ideal teacher and inquisitiveness in children to learn new things......

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