• Clinton can't be trusted

    Hillary Clinton has made many promises throughout her campaign about how she is fighting for the people and claiming how trustworthy she is. That second claim doesn't hold water. She's been dogged by the email scandal and other accusations of her complicity in Bill Clinton's bad behavior. This means that Clinton can't be trusted at all.

  • Hillary Clinton has a credibility problem

    While Hillary Clinton has a credibility problem, due in large part to her continual dishonesty, lying, and overall dishonesty, the sad reality is that likely more than half of the voters in this country overlook that just so they can say they voted for the first female president. God help us all if this woman is elected.

  • Yes, Hilary Clinton does have a credibility problem

    Yes, Hilary Clinton does have a credibility problem. There is a good chance that this will not stop her from becoming president. People know who she is and this helps them trust her more. If she had been less well-known before all of her scandals broke, however, there is a good chance that her political ambitions would have been crushed.

  • Clinton has a huge credibility problem

    Clinton has very often said one thing and done another. The email issue is just the latest in a series of problems in that regard. You might even argue that it started when she did not separate herself from her husband Bill when he was found out with Monica Lewinsky during his presidency.

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