• Yes, he does.

    It wasn’t long ago that the 2008 Democratic primary was one of the most vicious and personal in history. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton don’t like or trust each other.We know Clinton and Bush are close, as they have been touring America raising money for various charities.
    But now we know Clinton holds a grudge against our unqualified Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama. Apparently, he’s only keeping quiet so Obama supports Hillary during her Presidential campaign.

  • Yes, Clinton hates him.

    Hillary Clinton like dislikes President Obama for beating her in the 2008 Democratic Primary. Clinton felt that she was next in line for the presidency - a repayment for supporting her husband throughout their marriage. Clinton has been at odds with Obama on many policy initiatives over the years too.

  • She doesn't like anyone who stands in her way

    Clinton has wanted to be president her entire life. Of course she hates people who stand in her way. She only stayed with Bill Clinton because she thought it would be good for her political career. Obama stood in her way in 2008. It's pretty obvious from the public comments between the two that their relationship is cold.

  • Clinton does not hate Obama

    Hillary Clinton does not hate Obama for winning in 2008. It was a hard fought campaign, which turned bitter at times. But, both are seasoned political professionals, and understand the nature of the business. Clinton went on to become his secretary of state, proving she was over any hard feelings. Obama is campaigning for her.

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