• Yes, it is likely that CTE was a factor in the Sharper case

    Darren Sharper played 14 seasons with the NFL and as a career football player, he had many head collisions. The damage to the brain from head trauma or CTE could likely be a factor in his case and may explain some of his violent behavior. There is speculation that OJ Simpson may also have CTE. And unfortunately, it can only be determine by a pathology of the brain tissue. There needs to be more research on CTE and of course, more needs to be done to prevent it.

  • There's Not an Excuse for Everything

    While there are certainly negative effects of CTE, we cannot start providing it as an excuse for each and every personality defect. The notion that CTE would impact only someone's proclivity for sexual assault but not their ability to function in any other aspect of their life, including being a television host, is ridiculous. The argument would be stronger if it was a single incident where Sharper "snapped" but, in reality, it was premeditated and recurring. That's not head trauma, that's sociopathy.

  • It's certainly possible, but not likely.

    There is certainly a possibility that CTE caused Sharper to rape women in some of the cases, but this happened 16 times, so it's hard to believe that it was the cause for all 16 of those incidents. Additionally, he drugged these women. These were calculated, planned crimes. They weren't based on impulse or a result of his aggression, as would be expected if it were linked to CTE.

  • No, it does not.

    Darren Sharper did not commit sexually assault because of. CTE. Whether or not he has this concussion related disease does not have anything to do with that. Sexual assault is usually about power not the sexual act itself. CTE may result in poor decisions and poor impulse control, but iris not an excuse.

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