• Serving Detention Duty Right Now

    As an educator in the profession for more than 10 years, I find that detention is often misused. However, it can constructed to be an effective deterrent, which is all we can hope for with any negative punishment. Detention is best used, not as study hall or cleanup time, but, rather, as a means of getting students attention by exhausting a students free time. In an time when parents are quick to yell at their children, a 100% silent, respectful punishment often heard... That is, if it's structured correctly.

  • Yes it does

    Children and adults need to look at what is right and wrong and sometimes not having someone to lead them may cause mis-behaviour needing them to be punished so that don't make the same mistakes. Its for their own benefit, and a great chance for someone to learn from them.

  • Yes it does

    Kids should get detention because it takes away there freedom at lunch or after school. This is an effective form of punishment because no one wants their lunch time with friends taken away. Also it scares kids into not acting out and teaches kids how to be respectful and respectful to other kids and adults. Students will try not to make the same mistakes after they have had detention also detention gives the student time to think about what they have done wrong.

  • Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. No form of discipline is 100% effective for 100% of it's recipients.

    For instance-for me getting a disappointing look from my teacher wounded me for days. I would never get as far as detention. My brother on the other hand could care less about looks from the teacher hated detention because he would miss the first 30 minutes of sports after school. My sister hated lunch detention because that was when she got to hang with her "girls" because they didn't have any classes together. So, missing a lunch meant you were out of the loop when it came to pertinent information like who's "going" with who, who no one was speaking to that day or who's house everyone was hanging out. I also knew kids who had detention so often one would think it was officially part of their class schedule. I believe what is important, is to make sure whatever form of discipline that is issued out is effective-which means there must be much thoughtful consideration for each individual student in that consequences should be "tailored" to fit the misconduct and the student to bring about a positive change in behavior.

  • Lesson is learned

    Children will know not to repeat their bad actions to have them end up in detention in the frst place, resulting in better behaviour. And better behaivor means less distactions during lesson. And less distrations means more learnig time. And learning time affects pupils futures. I think detention improves behaviour.

  • How are they not?

    I once read a statement saying that detention is the modern equivalent to prison, but is it really? A pupil will only have to spend a little amount of time in a clean classroom, compared to someone else who has to sit in a grotesque cell for years. Detentions are humane and discipline. However, no punishment is 100% effective, but this way is the nearest we can get as a society.

  • Yes it does,

    I think that detention does a student good. I myself am a Sophomore in high school and I can tell you I hate being in detention. It takes up my time having to spend it at the school. I believe that if a kid stops caring and just keeps getting detention after detention he could put a few community service hours. After all what better way to get a kid to stop doing something than punishing him/her with labor

  • Herga Florga Blorga

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  • Herga Florga Blorga

    Wow are you seriously reading this. Wow I'm just making this to make something. Wait did this actually work. No way your still reading this. I feel so accomplished i just want to say thanks for making this happen and is this 50 words yet. Five words left two DONE!!

  • Nope

    As somebody that was in it plenty, I can say it was a punchline more than it was anything else and nobody in it cared. I'm a college grad, I was not some rotten lost cause but that's pretty much how you're labeled when you're in there. It's not an incentive to avoid whatever got you there, it's a minor inconvenience at most.

  • Not really

    Detention only starts the children on a long line of understanding that when they do something wrong, they are simply pulled apart from their peers for an extended amount of time to think about what they did. I think more constructive punishment, such as forcing the kids to help around the community or help the high school or middle school with projects will spark an interest in community service, as well as giving the kid a sense of purpose. It may even keep them more busy and likely to use their time in wise ways.

  • No, detention does not serve a purpose!

    I do not believe that dentenion serves a purpose, because the same children are uselly back in dention for doing the same thing. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If detention, did not work the first time, the school system needs to be creative and implement another cause to correct the behavior!

  • No, detention doesn't do much to improve anything.

    Detention doesn't do much but prove that someone has the power to cause you an inconvenience. It's my understanding that kids that are put on detention are just basically made to waste time not doing much of anything. There's no attempt to correct the behavior that got the kid in trouble, just supposedly a set amount of time to "think about it" while not being free to do what he wants. As a form of behavior modification it really isn't very effective.

  • Filled with Shit

    I've been in detention more than 50 times, few after school ones, and 7 one day ones starring at the clock for 9 hours plus doing none thing but look at the clock or my watch. Detentions is the just a way for principles to show power to the students and waste more time in school.

  • Kids go to school to learn

    Kids and teens go to school to learn & not to be punished for stupid reasons. Detention for excessive talking, eating foos in class, late to class? Maybe this is why the american school system is going down the drain. Take a look a others countries who put all their focus into making the students learn and not be punished for dumb reasons

  • Detention is Pointless

    As a high school student that recently got a detention, (This was my 2nd detention ever so far.) It felt like nothing. I was only for 10 minutes and I felt like I should've stayed longer because it didn't feel like I learned my lesson. In my school, we have something called mindfulness which is basically just a meditation period so when students get stressed out they can refocus themselves, and many students think its useless. In my opinion, detention is so much better than mindfulness.

  • Pointless for students

    For example, you did a tiny mistake of forgetting a book and you get a detention. It doesn't make sense people tend to forget. Or you made a big mistake of talking back to a teacher, physically wounding another person.... The student may learn his/her lesson but in time it wont work. If you get the same punishment ever single time you do something wrong, you wounding actually stop doing it, you would do it again and again not caring because you know what punishment you'll have.

  • No it does not.

    I will give this a different perspective. I am a student from an Asian country. In some countries, we use the demerit system, whereby you get for example 120 marks and each offense of the school rules gets your marks deducted. The amount of marks deducted is proportional to your offense. When u get deducted maybe 72 marks you get suspended and when you get deducted all your marks you get expelled. The marks is also counted in your gpa and that is why students WILL BEHAVE because a small undisciplined action such as talking in class or arriving late to class will result in a few one to two marks gone from your gpa. Another kind of disciplinary system in Asian schools is the 'Strike system'. It is similar to the demerit system such that a 3 small strikes accumulate to a big strike and 3 big strikes mean you get expelled. Now, compared with these two effective systems to discipline rebellious teenagers, the detention system serves little to no purpose. You are making a student waste hours of their time sitting in a room doing nothing, they cannot even study, do their homework or read. I understand that talking, using cell phones, or sleeping is of course a big no-no during detention, but there is no point in saying that the student has to sit and stare at the clock. Detention is not effective in disciplining because students dislike it but it does not come with too big a consequence for them to learn a lesson. All they have to do is sit for 2 hours and they can continue doing whatever they want as long as it does not get them expelled. Wake up America! Detention is pointless and useless. Even if it has that little little bit of good, the demerit system or strike system has what it offers and even more. In conclusion, the demerit system has little effectiveness in disciplining students and it wastes the precious time of young people when they can go out and do something more meaningful with their lives rather than spend hourse doing nothing.

  • Detention doesn help

    When you put a kid in a room with a teacher that watches the kids. It just has the kid get through it and the next day do it again. Some kids when put in detention realize that they have failed and will never do it again. Then their are the kids that will do it over again because it doesnt matter. If you owened a school and were to punish someone for a misdeed you wouldnt make them do homework. You should make them do more constructive activities. School systems over the time have evolved since they can't hit the children. Instead they just make a bunch of unecessary rules and either kick you from school or hold you longer in the day. The governement should definitely improve school punishment enforcement.

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