• Digital mapping is really just mapping us

    The digital maps available on smart phones are very useful tools. However, they gather information about the phone's user 24/7 and collecting behavioral information that can be sold to companies. They then use that information to predict consumer actions and invade the privacy of unwitting users. The digital mapping is used against the people who think they are benefiting.

  • Digital mapping may be the future, but it comes with consequences

    For all the good that digital mapping has done, it is also important to consider the negatives. Digital mapping eliminates privacy because anyone is able to access a view of where you live and perhaps use that information for nefarious purposes. Though digital mapping eliminates barriers, I think those barriers are important.

  • Digital mapping is good

    The main argument against digital mapping is the invasion of privacy. If you ever want to be not recorded then it is as easy as turning off your gps (location) on your device(s). Companies record your positions to display a more accurate data for applications like Google Maps where it shows the amount of traffic in an area.
    The point is that if you do not want companies to know your locations then simply turn it off while the rest of us can enjoy the advanced systems which benefit everyone.

  • No, digital mapping is more helpful

    Digital mapping is more helpful from other type of maps because it help people to move around the country or the town without being afraid to be lost as well as the digital maps help a person to take the faster and easier road, as well as it tell him if he take the wrong way

  • No, it is helpful.

    Digital mapping is a helpful service that can help us learn about the world around us. When used properly it can be helpful and give us new information that will help us make more informed decions and that will keep us safe from harm. It is a positive and helpful tool.

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