Does domestic terrorism (yes) or international terrorism (no) pose a larger threat to American safety?

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  • Domestic is the worst.

    Domestic terrorism is the worst kind of terrorism. When there are people that have certain access to military and economic structures and compounds they can do great harm. They know america better than the foreign terrorists and the ones such as the unabomber and the OKC bomber have wreaked very much havoc on the USA.

  • Domestic terrorism on the rise.

    I would say that at this point in time, domestic terrorism has become a greater issue. With the Jesus freaks recently denied the ability to discriminate in Arizona, those people will now turn to violence. Hopefully the National Security Agency's penchant for wiretapping everything will protect us from such zealots.

  • Both are a threat.

    Both are a big threat, but domestic terrorism can be hard to keep an eye on and keep under control because of citizens rights. Citizens should be able to enjoy privacy and freedom, and domestic terrorism is a threat to this. It is easier to keep an eye on international threats.

  • Domestic terrorism poses a larger threat to American safety.

    Domestic terrorism poses a larger threat to American safety. The 9/11 attacks showed us that we are more vulnerable to attacks that originate from our own soil. With international terrorism we have time to respond to the attacks without the possibility of the hiding of the people on our own land.

  • No: International Terrorism is More of a Threat than Domestic Terrorism

    The kind of terrorism that threatens people in developed nations today is primarily terrorism instigated at the level of powerful governments like those of Israel, the US, or the UK. Using asymmetric violence to exact political goals is the modus operandi of such nations. As these governments operate on the international stage, we will call them international terrorists, though they are certainly not limited to only conduct their operations outside of their own borders.

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