• I think he does

    Donald Trump may be wealthy, but I think he does care about the average American. I think he's sick and tired of politicians screwing over the average American. I think this is the whole basis of his popularity and surge. I think the average American relates to what he says and stands for.

  • Hes the only one who can help us. We have to believe in him.

    Hes fighting the establishment, against hillary, against obama, and other major players that have done nothing to alleviate the suffering and hardships of the American people. Who seek to steal and destroy our basic human rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Ive listened to him many times, you can hear the heart when he speaks, he means what he's saying. I dont care if he becomes a dictator, if he achieves what he said he would, and protects and ensures the rights and lives of the American people, id follow him anywhere. I am an American citizen and i want Donald Trump to lead us through these dark times.

  • He's Not Beholden to Corporate Interests

    Yes, Donald Trump cares about the average American because he's one of the only political candidates that doesn't need corporate funds. Most politicians get wealthy people to give them a lot of money and then they do what the wealthy people want them to do. Trump doesn't have to pander to the rich. He's also not running for President to feed his own pockets with money. He honestly wants to make things better for each of us.

  • Trump is for Trump

    Donald Trump cares only that he is admired. His extreme narcissism has forced him to reach for the next level of admiration and power, i.E., the presidency. He is a conman who is manipulating the citizens who distrust politicians and are angry. They are desperate for change - any change. He is a dangerous man not worthy of this position and he must be stopped.

  • No mystery why or how Trump is running for President, therefore, we need not question whether he truly cares about anyone's interests but his own.

    The race for President of the United States is a popularity contest and Trump's performance has appealed to large numbers of average Americans. They care about the issues that are affecting their lives and he claims to have solutions to all of the complex problems. He makes it all plain and clear, and speaks to the crowd as though they are long-time clients in a business transaction benefiting both parties. Much of his rhetoric is designed to get maximum publicity and average Americans are not stupid. A country that has come through a lot of civil strife post-slavery knows a bigot when it sees one. The true nature of his run is obvious. Trump has money, power and influence on a grand scale but, like all powerful people, Trump is greedy for more power. It's a game: he's putting on a performance for the people. Does he care about them? Certain groups, maybe; those close to his own preferences. Trump enters the race and, win or lose, he leaves a greater legacy, furthers his own private interests, despite false claims otherwise, and finds more people willing to satisfy his fantastical self-regard and to a greater extent than before. He cares about his people, not the average American. His refusal to shake hands and germ-phobia shows how far-removed he is from the general public. The question is whether or not there are decent, honest enough candidates to oppose him.

  • Nope. Not in the Least.

    I guess you could argue the word "care"...because my idea of "care" and his idea of "care" are likely way different. To care for someone is to not criticize them in looks, talent or choice, but to accept them for all of those qualities or characters. Donald Trump appears to be very concerned about his own mission to be a stronghold, and less concerned with all Americans. Its funny how we go crazy when there is a bullying story on the news media, but when there is a bully making fun of women, a handicapped reporter,'s "just Donald being Donald" my eyes, a bully.

  • No, don't be silly Donald Trump is living HIS dream only

    Donald Trump is solely concerned about winning. He could care less about you and me. It is all about ego and proving to himself that he can become the most powerful man on the planet. He has never been told no and wants to get there by any means necessary. He will throw out any jabs at anyone including the handicapped, immigrants, women etc; everyone is fair game. He even read from the Bible knowing full well he's probably never opened one before. It's sad to see someone diminish himself in order to scale up the political ladder.

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