• Yes he does.

    For eight long, hard years, the government has been crapping all over the military, law enforcement, and businesses. He wants to fix the crap Obama put us through. He has let millions of illegals to enter our country, he has taken money from the hardworking middle and upper class America, and has given it to the lazy bums who won't get off their butts and contribute to society! THINGS HAVE TO BE EARNED. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

  • Yes he does

    He wants to bring industry back into the United States, to secure our borders, lower taxes, create economic growth, rebuild our military and make America greater than it has ever been before. That's because he is a nationalist, someone who believes in sovereignty, not a globalist cum who wants to just destroy everything.

  • Trump does care about America.

    The United States is one of the best places to live in the world and Donald Trump has profited from living here. The ideals that make America great are the reasons that Trump does care about this country and its people. He feels he is the best person to lead us going into the future as any person running for president would.

  • Yes, Trump really cares about America.

    Donald Trump does care about America; he just has a funny way of showing it sometimes. Trump has based his campaign on highlighting the economic and security concerns shared by many Americans. Trump often uses bombastic statements and thoughtless comments to illustrate examples of his frustration with the government. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Trump does not really care about America.

  • No, not at all.

    The last thing on Donald Trumps mind is the welfare of America, that race is personal to him and the sit wil, be for his personal gain and to feed his ego. If he really cared about America, he ought to known that America is driven by all people including the immigrants that he so much despise.

  • Donald Trump does not care about America

    Donald Trump does not care about America. Despite his professed love for his country, Trump does not act like he loves the United States. He refused to serve in the military, and he has continued to place himself above the needs of the country. including by apparently paying a minimal amount of taxes.

  • Its all about him and his ego

    Despite my headline, having watched Trump with interest (dismay and fear too), I find myself of the opinion that he lacks empathy and therefore is not capable of caring for anything or anyone that does not affect him directly. That aside, he is a driven man and loves success. For this reason, I actually believe he wants to "fix America" purly to have a place in history. One can not argue with his work ethic- he is on the go all the time. He is as diplomatic as a punch in the face and will upset many many people. If he goes down as the worst president in history, this will hurt him deeply (although he won't admit it, instead argue (like the inauguration) that he was a success. He will, in my opinion, stamp on people to achieve his goals. I dont like the man one bit but there is a part of me that wonders if he will end up doing some good. But care..... Not in a million years

  • Donald The Narcissist

    If elected, Donald Trump will do whatever he can to make life better for Donald Trump. He has always shown narcissistic tendencies. Also, he has supported Hillary Clinton, a person similar to himself. If he would care about America, he wouldn't be such a hypocrite. He either would have never supported Clinton, or he wouldn't be badmouthing her now.

  • He only cares about himself

    His whole career has been about benefiting himself. Trump does not want the presidency to do good; he wants to be commander in chief so he can do what he was been doing his whole professional life: bossing people around. The last thing this world needs is a president with an enormous ego.

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