• He is a hatemonger

    Hate is Trump's main weapon. He is making calculated appeals to racism, prejudice and violence in the pursuit of power. Not only is Trump exploiting fears and prejudices towards ethnic and religious minorities, but he is also playing on the general populace's feelings of resentment towards our deteriorating political system.

  • That is his number one selling point

    Donald Trump spews hate at every turn in his campaign. This is what has his followers supporting him. He has offered hateful commentary toward women, racial and ethnic minorities, other religions, and members of the opposite political party. Many of his supporters share in his hate, and would love to see him in the White House in hopes that he would act on some of the things he has said.

  • Trump courts voters with hate

    Donald Trump uses hate to court voters. His appeals are to the worst part of human nature, using scare tactics against certain groups, including those that practice Islam, women, and immigrants. He uses hateful words and terms to explain how these people are a danger to our way of life.

  • Yes, I believe that Donald Trump uses hate to court voters.

    Yes, I believe that Donald Trump uses hate to court voters because Trump has called for the ban of Muslims, and also says that he will build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of the United States. Donald Trump knows that his rhetoric helped him win the Republican presidential nomination, but I believe that America as a whole is too diverse for the same rhetoric to work in a general election race.

  • Dump Trump, think of the children.

    Hate, frothing misogynistic racist xenophobic great wall of America hate. And this guy wants the keys to the nuclear locker, and we know the only thing that can survive a nuclear war will be his hairpiece. This man is dangerous to the Americans and the rest of the world and should never be allowed within 10 miles of the Whitehouse.

  • Donald Trump tells the truth.

    Trump's "hate" is construed as such by the politically correct pathetic excuses for people that somehow let their voices be heard. When I see an Arab, I have no choice but to assume, courtesy of the teachings of Islam (specifically Surah 9), that he wants me dead, if not now, than later. Illegal immigrants are a scourge on the good people on America, and should go home. If they run here and refuse to assimilate, they're going to bring whatever they're running from over here, and then we have to either send them home.

  • Donald Trump does not use hate to court voters

    Donald Trump does not use hate to court voters. He merely states what he believes and if people are offended that is their problem. The word hate is thrown around with such reckless abandon that it no longer has any real appropriate meaning. Too bad, because where hate really does exist it is more likely to be glossed over.

  • No it looks like hate ,but it is not

    Trump says some pretty edgy stuff. People do not realize that his policies are things that have been discussed longer than Trump's run for president. The media twists his words around just like they do every other celebrity. Like on his policy on ILLEGAL immigration he supports putting in larger border protection, but people have taken that to be his policy on all immigration.

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