• Education kills creativity and doesn't let every one fulfill his dreams and abilities

    Education systems treat all the children and students the same but it shouldn't. Because human beigns are different and education just tells you to steak on the routine even when you know that you are leanring things which you are not intrested in at all wich will make you way from your creative self .

  • It is not education that kills creativity it is teaching.

    Teachers are measured by meeting their lesson plan rather than seizing a learning opportunity that presents itself during a lesson. Good teachers manage learning rather than meet the needs of measures set by those who sit in a committee discussing for ever and ever what is best.

    Education structures kills learning which in turn kills creativity.

  • Forced to settle

    Creativity is killed because it all comes down to the grades and the achievements academically. When I was in high school, art wasn't fondly approved on, they had the smallest classroom with a small display area, even high up in the old buildings where it was hard to find. It was unsettling to know that your hard work would later be stores in the bottom of the school never to be found again. Creativity comes from people asking what do you think ? How would you do it,,, not the way education systems do it.

  • Our Current Education System Kills Creativity

    Education does not kill creativity, but the issue is actually that our current system does. It measures intelligence by a one-size-fits-all form. Math is better than painting, Chemistry more impressive than dance, and History more useful than poetry. Why?
    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  • The most intelligent one is the one who creates, not the one who memorizes . In most schools this is not supported.

    Depends in how you get educated. In most schools, like mine, the educative system says to do lots of math or science and nothing else, stick to the normal. I believe we should do more music, art, history or do debates like these, create. I believe that intelligence should be measured by creativity, the education we DON'T get and not by memory, the education we DO get.

  • Research has proven this

    Kids were tested on their creativity levels at age 5 and 98% were found to be at what could be considered the genius level for creativity. The same group of kids were tested at age 10 and the rate had halved. They were tested again at 15 and only 2% still scored in the upper levels.

    School is about learning to conform and to get the right answer, kids are not grieve. The chance to develop their creativity at all.

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  • Education is the Foundation for Creativity

    Creativity is not a stagnant thing, it is always evolving so that everything becomes more original. It is understandable that many think otherwise but truly is it education itself that kill creativity or is it just the way that modern schools are teaching? Just as many if not more authors, poets, painters, and such have gone through a post-secondary institution than those who haven't.
    Because creativity is defined as original ideas and usually involves divergent thinking to have something new you also must know what there was before. Creativity also stems from experiences and knowledge gained from education like historical and scientific fiction novels, or fractal images. Even math and science are considered and used in arts so how can one say the education kills it?

  • Education can foster creativity

    No, education does not kill creativity. Education expands the mind which allows for more creativity to flow. How can you be creative if you know nothing of the things that are around you at any given time. Reading, comprehension, and writing are surrounding by creativity and should be taught as such.

  • No it certainly does not

    There are a lot of things one would consider creative that could not be accomplished without education. Every building that you look at and say "wow, that's really cool." Was dreamt up and built by someone who was both educated and creative. You can't just think of a building, draw that sucker with some crayons, and get a construction crew to build. There has to be some sort of education to make it happen. Things like music require education, especially in music itself (music theory). Art requires development in certain muscles and geometric understanding. For creativity to be expressed which increases creativity (what's the point of being creative if you can't create?) then you have to develop the skills you need. Things like writing books, which is a great form of creativity, bp requires a proper understanding of English and the world you live in to be able to create something people can both read and relate to. All things creative require at least a basic form of education.

  • Education SAVES Creativity

    I can see why people may think that education kills creativity, but it doesn't. I assume, by education, it means in schools or other places of learning. Just because you are educated does not mean you lose your sense of creativity, in fact being taught more (more educated) could enhance your level of creativity.

  • That is ridiculous. If anything education enhances creativity

    It annoys me that someone would actually believe education kills creativity. That is false without any education it is close to impossible to be creative. You have to have some amount of knowledge witch comes from education to even be creative. For example poets are some of the most creative people on earth. I can assure you the modern day poets have gone through some college or high school class to become more successful at writing poetry. Even modern day artists go through plenty of art classes in school. In fact a lot of successful and creative artists would not be where they are today if it had not been for the classes they took witch is educating yourself .

    If you feel as though this is untrue challenge me to a debate and we can work it out

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