• Yes, education only occur inside a classroom!

    School subjects prepare us in every way to get a good job and have a good career. It teaches you a bit of everything u might need so u can select whatever subject u want in university and get a good job. Without it u will be a beggar :D

  • It does occur in a classroom

    The schools are the building stones for success and by education itself we are able to face the outer world with less difficulty .We are actually getting trained to face a real war called life.By only little tips that we grt in a classroom we achieve bigger outside a classroom.

  • No, education occurs both in and out of the classroom

    The structure of the classroom is a useful vehicle for learning, but it can't teach us everything we need in life and it's not the only thing we learn from. Kids growing up learn from their environment at all times, not just the one that's inside a school. That's why it's important to put them in a good area and set a good example in front of them.

  • No, education does not only occur inside a classroom.

    No, education does not only occur inside a classroom. Education and learning are things that go on all through life. Be it by interacting with people who have different views, watching educational programs on TV, reading books, or many other sources. We are constantly learning and being educated even if we do not realize it, and even if it's not always in a positive way.

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