• Yes in today's connected world Internet access is a basic need to survive.

    Yes in today's connected world Internet access is a basic need. This need should be met by a combination of public and private resources. The Municipal wireless network (Muni Wi-Fi) is the concept of turning an entire city into a Wireless Access Zone so everyone can get online. Typically the city also gets its wifi service from this network.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe all people should be able to access the Internet because it's a very useful resource that can help a person do a lot of things. Want a new job? Look on the Internet. Not sure what to have for supper? Find a recipe on the Internet. Need directions to a location? Oh, look, you need the Internet for that!

  • Yes, they do.

    I believe that internet access should be considered a utility like water and heat. I don't think you should be given it for free but I think it should be made availible for everyone. In this day and age it would be very hard to live without it especially with school age children.

  • The Internet's nature as an unrestricted medium is why I believe it is a fundamental right...

    Access to the Internet is not only an essential utility for most but also, perhaps more importantly, one of the few media in which an individual or group can reach out to the world and have their opinions voiced as equal to large corporations. "Freedom of Press is limited to those who own a press" does not apply online. Television and similar industries are regulated and controlled by massive companies that decide what can and can't be displayed on their networks. I can tell you from personal experience that while TV has virtually never inspired me to make changes to the way I think, various sources online have opened up my mind and I have changed my views and opinions DRAMATICALLY.
    It is for these reasons that many groups in underdeveloped countries are able to break free from tradition/poverty and utilize the Internet to see what really goes on outside their area of residence. The Internet inspires merit and globalization and sparks new outlooks in individuals. It also provides a medium for people to act, to discuss, to communicate, and to assemble without restriction.

  • Everyone does not deserve internet access.

    Everyone does not deserve Internet access. For example, prisoners should not have access, nor should children who are being punished for bad behavior. Having access to information is a privilege and if someone isn't earning their privilege, internet access should be taken away. We need to be more vigilant in our society with things such as this.

  • Not everyone does.

    In a perfect world we could all benefit from Internet access, but the world is far from perfect. There are people who have committed acts of violence and disrespect that should not be forbid, but severely limited to enjoy of such privilege, though in some cases they really should be forbid.

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