• Yes.Facebook does benefit society.

    In many ways,Facebook does benefit society.It helps people build and maintain relationships which might otherwise be a bigger challenge and some people might just give up altogether.It also helps people connect with different resources like products to buy and services to try.People may not had ever been able to accomplish these things without Facebook.

  • Facebook Fosters Relationships

    Facebook helps people remain connected with old and new friends. It is a great way to maintain relationships with people you have met. This creates a friendly atmosphere that benefits society because it keeps people feeling reminded of positive memories with one another. It is also a great way to share fun photos.

  • Facebook sponsors cyber bullying!

    I was doing a report for school on Facebook and cyber bullying, (sophomore in high school) and I found stories of hate and violence that had happened on Facebook, and people have killed themselves because they can't stand the abuse and people ganging up on them to make their lives miserable.

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