• Yes Facebook makes people antisocial.

    Since Facebook allows people to connect with others without actually having to outside and talk to them one on one, it does make them antisocial. They feel that by commenting or liking a status gives them enough face time with someone to keep their interactions at a social level, even though it requires no actual face time at all.

  • Ruining Lives Everyday

    Facebook is making this generation of young people so unhealthy and anti social. When you go in a restaurant now-a-days all you see is people on there phones either on Facebook or twitter its ruining many peoples health by making them over snack without realizing what they are doing. Our generation should be a healthy lively bunch not a lazy unhealthy bunch its ruining our reputation we should stand against this madness ..

    ~14 year old

  • Non parce que je pense...

    Pas parce que les gens peuvent faire ce qu'ils veulent et son choix il parce que son un monde libre ... Pas vraiment , mais ils peuvent faire ce qu'ils veulent trop . Peut-être que vous ne devriez pas passer autant de temps se soucier d'autres personnes et vous soucier de vous-même.

  • NO Facebook doesn't make antisocial.

    People are going to be antisocial. It's mostly not because of Facebook, because its part of there personality. They might be shy. They might be antisocial because they don't have any friends to hangout with so they have nothing better to do. No matter the reason, you cant do anything about it. Welcome to the 21st century.

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